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College Advisory Program


The College Advisory Program is designed to guide our families and clubs through the recruitment process by providing support, services and resources to maximize their success.

Our Full Time Regional CAP Directors will work with our players to provide important, specific, year-by-year information, regardless of your intention to play soccer in college or not. We encourage parents and players to actively engage with their coaches and Regional CAP Director throughout the process.

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Playing Opportunities

Through Regional Showcase Teams and the Guest Playing Program, CAP can connect the dots more than any other club in the world. With over 70 Domestic Rush Clubs, wherever you want to play: Rush can get you there.

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Did you know that you will get more money for academics than athletics? It’s true and Rush wants to help you earn as much scholarship dollars as you can. Whether you decide to play soccer in college or not, CAP is here for you. ACT/SAT Prep classes, keeping on track for NCAA eligibility, Tuition Rewards, finding local scholarship, understand what FAFSA is and much more. The College Advisory Program is for EVERYONE

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CAP Website is an exclusive FREE, Rush only resource dedicated to providing education for our players, parents and clubs about the recruitment process. Here you will be able to find hundreds of blog post and CAP Chat’s about everything recruitment, including FAFSA and parent resources.

CAP Website
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CAP University

Cap University is a comprehensive online guide that will walk you through the recruitment process: step-by-step, grade-by-grade, month-by-month, including grade checks each year. FREE for our CAP+ Members.

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The Best of the Best

Rush Select

Rush Select

The Rush Select program is an international program in which Rush Soccer forms “all star teams” that are comprised of the top Rush players from all across the world. The program starts from age U13 and is available through a players career with Rush Soccer ending at U19. These teams attend various events, both in the US and internationally on a yearly basis. The players get to see new ideas, play with top talent, learn from new coaches and develop as a player in a way most across the country can not. The programs aim is to give the top players within Rush unique learning experiences that help them evolve as both a player and a person.

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The Rush Select Program is designed to give extended opportunities to the elite-level players in Rush. Domestically it gives older players opportunities to be recruited at college showcase events and allows the younger players to compete against the best players in the country. There are international training programs and international tournaments of which both often include attendance to professional games including Champions League games. The long-term goal is to identify and put players in a competitive environment for the potential selection for a Rush men’s and women’s professional teams.

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How Do I Join?

Players are scouted beginning at the Rush Fest with the U13 age group. We also take recommendations from each club’s Technical Director to form the pool of players for each age group. The U14 & U15 players will be scouted at the Centers to be selected for a regional team and then later a national team. U16-U18 players will be selected for a national first or second team. The pool of players is constantly evolving and players come and go as the team ages up. Making the Select team once does not mean a player will always be involved and players can be added to the pool at any time with a Technical Director or Scout recommendation.

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Top Quality Learning Resources

Rush Development

Rush Development

Rush Soccer Development is an exclusive platform for all Rush Coaches, Players, and Parents that offers access to multiple educational resources. It includes webinars and podcasts with some of the most renowned professionals in the industry, goalkeeping-specific education, an exclusive educational blog with hundreds of articles on several coaching topics, in-person events, a 10-month Mentor program, international traveling, access to licensing opportunities, and unique Rush Coaching Courses.

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Rush Coaching Manual

The Rush Coaching Manual is a web and phone app that offers all Rush Coaches FREE access to all the Rush Way training sessions and activities, as well as it’s fully Rush customized Season Planner. Rush clubs’ directors create all of their teams, assign coaches, and define their season plans through this incredible tool.

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Train @ Home

Our Train @ Home Program can also be found at Rush Soccer Development and complements on the field training by giving all Rush players with a drive to continuously improve an opportunity to practice their ball skills, mental toughness, fitness, goalkeeping skills, game understanding, and nutritional habits from the comfort of their living rooms. No matter the rain, the snow, nor the heat of the summer! Each training category is led by a top coach within the Rush network and the players get an opportunity to compete with other Rush players from all over the world to win awards and be highlighted as the best of the week in Rush Soccer’s social media and the Train @ Home platform.

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Parenting Resources

Parenting in youth soccer is a wonderful experience but it can also be challenging as we encounter many unfamiliar situations. How to help our children during tryouts or during tournaments? How to assess and find the right environment for my child? Rush Soccer Development destines a whole section to assist parents in this journey, making blog posts, guides, and webinars available to all of them for free and distributing useful resources as we advance on the season.

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Boarding Academy

Rush Select Academy

What is Rush Select Academy?

Rush Select Academy prepares student-athletes for challenges on and off the soccer field. This high-performance soccer academy focuses on optimizing the physical and mental performance of each student accepted into the accredited K-12 program. This internationally-renowned Soccer Academy attracts and shapes top student-athletes from around the world.

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The Rush Select Academy uses a periodized approach to help athletes deal with the rigors of training on a daily basis while in the heat and humidity of Florida. This proven methodology uses the individual players goals and divides the program into distinct periods so improvements are made step by step, month to month, and year by year. Using this method students make the greatest achievements in the shortest amount of time while having fun, preventing injuries, and staying mentally and physically fresh.

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The Rush Select Academy model for education incorporates and integrates a blend of resources and materials to create one of the most amazing learning environments in the world. With more than 35 years in education, our blended approach ensures those who participate receive an excellent education, have the opportunity to attend some of the finest universities in the United States and become life-long learners with a keen interest in high achievement. Rush Select Academy and its principals have placed hundreds of students in colleges and universities throughout the United States, many on athletic and academic scholarships.

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As a boarding student, you will have the opportunity to meet new people from other places and different cultures. Student rooms include access to wi-fi and onsite laundry facilities. All of the training facilities are located in one place, with gated security.

After the work is done, students can relax in a variety of ways, be it active activities or enjoying a meal at one of the three onsite restaurants.

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Explore the World with Rush


What is Rush Travel?

Rush Travel offers opportunities for all Rush players to travel internationally and combine soccer with an amazing cultural experience into one trip. Currently we have five destinations set which include The Alps, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy and Western Europe

Team Travel

Rush, along with our international travel partners will provide a unique experience for your club team. During your travels you will compete against teams from the region as well as take in all the sights and experiences of the country of your choice. Enjoy this amazing cultural experience with your teammates!

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Rush Abroad

Join Rush players and coaches from other Rush clubs on an international trip! Not only will you get to experience a different culture while playing soccer in another country, but you will also make new friends from around the Rush family.

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Choose Your Adventure

Current Trips Available



Milano & Venice

Costa Rica



Compete For the Cup

Rush Tournaments

Rush Tournaments

Rush Soccer events are unmatched. Here at the Rush, we host our own national events as well as support local club tournaments.

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Rush Cup

Rush Soccer has created an unmatched tournament series called the Rush Cup and Showcase. These events are split into two parts; 4 regional events to give better access to all teams in the United States, and one International event to accommodate teams from around the world. Check out our Rush Soccer’s National Tournaments today.

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Tournament Services

SPI Rush Tournaments can help elevate your existing event or establish your new event. We currently have 4 professional Tournament Operators that can help you. Let us put the Rush Machine behind your event!

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Designed to help you succeed

Club Admin Services

What is CAS?

Rush Soccer provides elite services to partner clubs in order to help run their day to day operations. Our CAS team of experts is here to help oversee the administrative and operational aspects to any program or project needed.We recognize the performance of a club’s front office is just as important as the development of its players.

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There is no job too big or too small for our team. Services offered but, not limited to:

  • Finance
  • Registration
  • Staffing & Training
  • Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Player Relations
  • Club Growth
  • Rush Responsibilites
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Club Admin Services

What Clubs Are Saying

Using a CAS Representative from Rush Soccer to hlep with the administration of Colorado Rush has not only saved us time and money but it has increased our efficiency in every aspect of runing a soccer organization. Sheryl Hopeau is one of the best if not the best administrators in the country. Colorado Rush is lucky to be able to use this service with our membership and staff. We have only received great reviews from our membership and staff with the work she ahs been able to accomplish over the past 2 months. ***** 5 stars for this program *****

– John Carroll, Colorado Rush

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