Additional Programs

Additional Programs

Player Loan Program

Rush Soccer facilitates a guest playing system that is quite popular. If a player is looking to guest play, or a coach needs to fill a spot on a roster, we have the ability to place players through our network. Whether you are a high school age player looking to play in showcases and get recruited in specific areas of the country, or a younger age player looking to experience the Rush Way in different regions, the Player Loan Program can help! This program is exceptionally unique to Rush Soccer and provides more opportunities for growth and brings Rush Clubs and players together.

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Rush Summit

The Rush Summit is an annual conference where all coaches from the Rush Soccer organization meet to share the Rush Way Philosophy. This three-day event is held in conjunction with Rush Fest in Colorado and attracts soccer leadership from around the world.


Veo’s AI-powered capturing solution automatically breaks down your games. Teams at all levels can now review footage and match stats to unlock new insights. Rush Soccer recognizes the importance of game footage and has built a national partnership to get preferred pricing on this cutting-edge technology.

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Marketing Assistance

The Rush National Marketing Team sends a monthly “Marketing Digest” with resource links, tools, tutorials, graphics, and video materials for all clubs to use. This recap document comes along with a content-focused newsletter for clubs to catch up on Rush news. With over 200 editable graphics, 500+ high-quality Rush photos, dozens of promo videos, and request-based assistance, the creative team provides all the assets a club needs to succeed in promoting & marketing itself in the local area. The Marketing Team also provides support for local websites and helps clubs generate engaging content on social media via the global program.

Legal Assistance

Rush Soccer understands that all of our clubs are running a business and at times you may need legal advice. We have contracted an experienced lawyer who understands the soccer world and the intricacies of sports within a not-for-profit. His aim is to assist our clubs whenever they may need it. Through our partnership, our lawyer bills through an incredibly reduced rate as he is passionate about seeing the growth of soccer within the US. If your club may ever find itself in a situation that requires legal assistance, we are here to help.