Why Choose Rush?

Formed in 1997, Rush Soccer is the largest youth soccer organization in the world with more than 55,000 players in 50 countries. Comprised of 125 clubs around the globe, Rush Soccer has cultivated a reputation of excellence on and off the field all while maintaining a local feel in the communities we serve. This expansive global footprint provides unparalleled opportunities for our entire playerbase to pursue pathways all the way to the highest level of professional soccer. Our breadth and depth of programs support our network of local clubs, coaches, staff and partners.

Financial Benefits

Elite Programs

Global Network

Proven Excellence

Dedicated Staff

A Sustainable Business Model

Financial Benefits

It is crucial to note that becoming a member of Rush Soccer is a financially sound decision. On average, clubs receive a greater amount of money through rebates, discounts, savings, and business opportunities than what they pay in annual fees. This is possible due to our business model, which relies on creating economies of scale.

Direct Rewards

Expansion Incentives

For every player that your club brings in Rush Soccer donates $1 back to the person responsible for the connection. In addition, each year, Rush soccer gives back $1 per player in your club as a club incentive.

AMEX Giftcard

Each year the Technical Director of the Club, will receive a $1500 Amex gift card, that they are able to use at their discretion.

Capelli Gear Voucher

Each year the Technical Director of the club will receive $750 in Capelli Sport gift cards and $750 in Capelli Fan Shop gift cards, for them to use at their discretion.

Capelli BOD Package

Depending on the size of the club, the Board of Directors receives a Capelli credit to use on apparel. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Under 200 Players – $1,000
  • 200-600 Players – $2,000
  • Over 600 Players – $3,000


Capelli Rebates

Rush Soccer gives back 15% of all uniform purchases to the club in Capelli promotional dollars.  The club will receive the same amount in year two, even though no additional uniform purchases are required.

Wilson Trophy

Your club will receive 8% cash back on all purchases made through Wilson Trophy for your tournaments.

Capelli Tournament Promotion

Rush Soccer provides Capelli promotional items for your tournaments (Tents, Benches Balls, etc.) with an amount based on the size of the event.  This can be anywhere from $1000-$6000 per event depending on the size of the event.


Below, you will find a variety of additional savings that your club can benefit from through contracts that Rush Soccer has negotiated. Depending on which services you choose to take advantage of, your club can save up to $50,000 per year. Some of our services include coaching development, college recruitment assistance for all players, tournament assistance, and support from our marketing team to enhance your website, social media, and digital marketing campaigns. For more detailed information, please feel free to reach out.

Rush Soccer Development
  • Rush Coaching Manual
  • Train @ Home Program
  • RSD University
  • Coaching Education
College Advisory Program
  • CAP Navigate
  • Magoosh
  • STEM Tutor
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Development
  • Teamsnap Functionality
  • Website Hosting
  • Registration
  • Player Evaluations
  • Google Workspace
  • Customized Email Addresses


Being a member of Rush Soccer also means that you can enjoy discounts from our partners. These discounts typically range from 10% to 50% off regular prices and cover a variety of services such as car rentals, immigration services, and coaching education. These discounts are an added benefit of being part of our family.

Enterprise Car Rental
Immigration Service
Video Analysis
Menotti AFA Coaching Licenses
Sports Psychologist

Additional Benefits

There are a number of additional benefits that come with being part of Rush that are difficult to put a dollar amount to. Digital marketing, Education, Tournament and Futsal development that are all part of the how we can help your club grow, look more professional and develop.

Rush Goalkeeping Program Development

We all know goalkeeping is a very unique position to train and crucial to the success of a team. Utilize our professional GK Director to develop your club’s Goalkeeper program.  Integrate your goalkeepers with our Train at Home program and connect them with Goalkeepers across Rush Nation.

Futsal Program Development

Our Rush Futsal Program works directly with clubs to set up Futsal ID Camps throughout the country. The top players that attend these ID camps will be invited to join their age-appropriate Rush Futsal Regional Team and will compete in the United Futsal Champion Cup Series. Players will also have the opportunity to travel internationally to attend futsal camps and events.

Marketing Graphics & Videos

Our marketing team has already created a resource library with over 200 Rush-specific graphic templates,  promotional videos for events and programs, stock player images, and tryout-specific materials. This will not only save you valuable time and effort but also significantly reduce employee costs. Meet 1on1 with our Marketing Specialist to develop a marketing strategy to put your club on the top of everyone’s list.

Social Media

By joining our Global Program we are able to push content to your social media platforms to keep your followers engaged. Whether it’s a big national initiative or random and fun content, we’ve got you covered. By keeping followers engaged you can grow your reach and continue to expand the size of your club.

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