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Here are some of the resources for our current Rush clubs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact [email protected]!

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Revolutionizing Club Management

Introducing Rush360

With Rush360 you can effortlessly manage payments, streamline communication, handle registrations, and supercharge player development, all while enjoying the lowest transaction fee in the US market (2.99% + 30 cents). Join the ranks of Rush clubs already benefiting from the game-changing power of Rush360 and elevate your club management to new heights.

Rush360 Offering


$1.25 / Player / Month

  • Payments & Registrations
  • Club & Team Scheduling
  • Video Tools
  • Access to Rush Exclusive Content
  • Communication Tools
  • User-Friendly Rush Branded Website
  • Player Stats & Performance Data
  • In-Person Admin Support
  • Lowest Transaction Fee in the Industry (2.99% + 30 cents)

$1 per additional player over 1,000 players. 10% discount if prepaid annually. All pricing excludes tax.

“We’ve been using 360player since last summer and it significantly improved our communication with parents and players both for practices and game info. We literally went from parents constantly complaining about not knowing what was going on to happy players, parents and coaches.

It’s easy to post new information, it’s easy to enter game info and changes, and it’s equally good on the app and on the web version. There’s a lot of other functions that we haven’t used yet, like for registration and the video editor, but the communication part has been excellent!”


Stephan von Lattorff, Director of Coaching | AC Delray Rush

“Transitioning from a staunch supporter of Play Metrics, I can confidently say that 360 Player is the future for Rush Soccer.

360 simplifies admin work through its flexibility. It is the first registration platform I’ve used offering such diverse setup features that you can actually apply creativity in your problem solving. Its adaptability is just one of the features that sets the platform apart. I’m proud of the features that are available for players and club staff to help foster development and keep vital records for the most important part of Rush… our players.

What truly seals the deal for me is the exceptional team behind 360. Their knowledge, genuine kindness, and unwavering support make all the difference. Make the switch to 360 Player – it’s a decision you won’t regret.”

Gabrielle Miller, Club Administrative Services

How Rush360 Can Help

Rush360 serves as the comprehensive solution for ensuring a club's success, seamlessly integrating Rush Soccer's content and services into a platform equipped with all the tools necessary for operating a thriving club efficiently.if that's not enough, let our CAS team aid you in running your programs, so you can focus on the things that matter most.


Featured Service

Rush360 is here and CAS is ready to engage! Our admin team will help you transition to Rush Soccer’s new registration and website platform. Once you’ve transitioned our support doesn’t have to stop there! Let us aid you in running your programs on the platform so you can focus on what matters.

Ready to streamline your club and take advantage of the lowest transaction fee on the market? 

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