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What is Rush Travel?

Travel the World with Rush

You’re exclusively invited as a member of the Rush community to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime, international trip combining soccer with an amazing cultural experience! We have seven exciting destinations to choose from: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy and England. You may travel as a team or as an individual where we will form teams with players from all different Rush clubs. Parents and supporters, you are welcome too!

Rush Soccer has worked with our travel partners to put these specially-designed itineraries together specifically with the interests and input of our Rush players and we’ve negotiated very competitive rates to make it as attainable as possible.

Feel the experience of traveling abroad with your Rush family.

Feel the Rush.

Make memories that will last a lifetime with teammates or new Rush friends.

Add an incredible experience to your soccer resume.

Experience the culture of the most prominent soccer cities and countries in the world

Combine your passion for soccer with travel.

See professional soccer and famous stadiums in-person!

Team Travel vs. Family

Ways to Travel


Team Travel

Travel to another country and experience soccer and a new culture with Rush Soccer! Rush, along with our international travel partners will provide a unique experience for your club team. During your travels you will compete against teams from the region as well as take in all the sights and experiences of the country of your choice. Enjoy this amazing cultural experience with your teammates!

Rush Abroad

Join Rush players and coaches from other Rush clubs on an international trip! Not only will you get to experience a different culture while playing soccer in another country, but you will also make new friends from around the Rush family.

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Available Trips

Costa Rica Travel Brochure

Costa Rica

9 Day Team Travel

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8 nights, 10 days

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8 nights, 10 days

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Multiple Options

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10 Day Team Travel

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8 Day Team Travel

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9 Nights

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Where do we travel to?

Rush Travel currently offers trips to Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and England.

When are the trips?

We offer the trips year-round but encourage teams to travel from March-August for the best travel experience.

Who can attend the trips?

The Rush Travel Program is for all Rush clubs, teams, and players. We offer opportunities for teams to travel internationally as well as opportunities for individuals to join Rush players from other Rush clubs.

Do you offer any fundraising opportunities to help us pay for trips?

Rush uses a crowdsourcing platform called Givebutter to help with fundraising. Givebutter is a centralized place for information about the trip, creating donation forms, handling payment, and all other aspects of fundraising. Rush Soccer will set up an account for you and get you started.


Rush Soccer will help you build marketing materials for your players, so they can have personalized programming to help ask for donations. Rush Soccer will also help teams build programming to drive awareness for your fundraising efforts and events!


For more specific questions and to see how we can help you with fundraising, please reach out to [email protected].

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