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Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will be held Sunday evening at 6 pm at the Ballroom at the Sandpiper Resort.  Please come early to “pre-game”, with music, activities and lots of fun.  Teams often dress up in something that represents their team/state/area (TX – Cowboy Hats, HI – Leis)  The ceremony will last around 45 minutes.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony will be held on Thursday evening also at the ballroom at the Sandpiper Resort. Here we will be presenting the Spirit Award (the award for the club that has shown the most energy, and spirit and showing the Core Values throughout the week). We also have a gift exchange at this time. Have your player bring something that represents your state, or your Rush club, that they can exchange with other players. We generally tell everyone not to spend more than about $20 on an item, which often includes hats, t-shirts, scarves etc.

Classroom Sessions

The Classroom sessions will take place in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. They will be in the ballroom at the Sandpiper Resort (opposite the dining hall). The players will not need to bring paper or pens unless they would like to take notes. There will be a Kahoot quiz. Do have them bring their phones or i-pads if they have one (they will be groups so do not worry if they do not have one. Once we do the schedule this will be clear when you are scheduled for the classroom

Coaching Education

For the coaches, we will have various coaching education activities available, with the Rush Summit (the annual Rush leader conference) overlapping the Fest. This means that coaches are welcome to attend any lectures and seminars they may be interested in, all being hosted at Sandpiper.

The coaches will receive a specific email outlining the activities for them to attend.


There are four grass fields at the complex, and each team will have one game on Monday and Friday and two games on Tuesday and Thursday. Monday afternoon we host a small-sided street soccer event.

The team listed first will be home and wear blue, we will be playing 11v11 and will play 25-minute halves.

Each field will have tents, benches, and Gatorade – but we encourage you to bring your own water too. If possible we will try to avoid the hottest part of the day for games. We will also have a trainer at the fields.

Each field will also have game balls, cones, and pennies for the coaches but we encourage players to bring their own ball with their name on it for warm-ups.

Parent & Kid Socials

These will be held at the same time on Tuesday Night (7 pm).

The parents’ social will be open for any of the guests staying at the sandpiper resort, or who have purchased a pass (either for the day or the evening – more info on the passes below).

We will hold the Parent’s social at the Riverside Bar, where we will have drinks and finger food, and will be hosting a Rush Quiz and a meet and greet with the entire Rush family and staff.

For the players, we will be hosting a disco and fun night in the ballroom, so the parents that are attending will know that their kids are being taken care of.

The Rush Village

Right next to where the fields are located will be the Rush Village. Here there will be lots of activities for the players to do when they are not on the field or in the classroom.

Activity Area

We will have soccer tennis, small-sided games, and a huge inflatable soccer dart board to name a few things to keep the player’s soccer opportunities.

Rush HQ

Come here if you have questions or need any help with anything to do with the event. We will have a scoreboard, and schedules, and will be able to help.

Capelli Activation

Capelli the club sponsor and uniform provider will also be there with games, activities, and giveaways for the players.

Off Day Activities (Wednesday)

We traditionally give the players and families Wednesday off to both rest and go visit the local attractions. Being in FL there are a multitude of options. We will put this in a separate email, but it includes the activities on the resort, the spa, fishing, and boat trips, golf and tennis, Disney and Universal only a couple of hours away, and of course the beautiful beaches of FL.

We will also be holding additional activities throughout the week, including golf, tennis and volleyball lessons, etc. If you are staying at the resort this will be included in your room rate, if you are off-site there will be a small charge. All this information and sign-up will be released shortly.

We will send you more information as we button up all the details, but we are excited to kick off the event in a few weeks.

Passes for the resort for those not staying at Sandpiper

If you are not staying at the resort, it does not mean you cannot take advantage of the amenities and the all-inclusive options. There are a number of pass options that are available, whether it is for the full day, the evening, or just during the daytime. We will be able to sell them each day at the Spanish Patio on the resort, so you can decide how many, which days, etc you would like to get. You can see all the options here at this link.


What is Rush Fest?

Rush Fest is an annual event held in mid-July that brings together U12 boys’ and girls’ teams and players from Rush clubs across the country and around the world. Rush Fest marks the transition from 9v9 to full-sided 11v11 games. The inaugural Rush Fest took place in 2008 with 12 teams, today over 48 teams are in attendance each year.

The week-long festival of soccer joins competitive games, training sessions, classrooms sessions, and a host of social events in one of the most unique soccer events anywhere in the country.  Teams compete against one another in morning games that are bracketed for similar abilities and afternoon training, including keeper-specific training, and classroom sessions run by top coaches from within the Rush family working with the players and team coaches.

The event has both an opening and closing ceremony that is often the highlight of the week as players get to hang out, dance, and sing Rush songs with players from across the Rush nation and fuse life-long friendships.   We do not forget the adults either with a high-level coaching clinic for all coaches in attendance and a world-class parent education session.

The event is designed to give the players the most fun soccer experience of their life, with education, games, and memories they will never forget.

Rush Fest for Coaches


Coaching Education

The Rush Fest will give coaches the opportunity to learn first-hand about the Rush Way. Each day we will see coaches engage in an active learning environment. Coaches will be challenged to take part in a number of tasks including teaching players the Rush Way to warm up and defend corners. A coaching education clinic will also be held during the week. We look forward to supporting coaches on their journey in better serving players.

Coaching Pairing

To afford all the players at the event the best experience possible we ask that the head coaches (or assigned coaches) of each team assist another team within the event.


Why do we do this?

Rush aims to give all players the best experience possible. Assistant coaches can add knowledge, enthusiasm, and a unique opportunity for players to experience working with a coach from a different Rush club.


Pairing coaches will allow for the development of relationships, sharing of knowledge and ideas between coaches. As well as the opportunity for head coaches to develop staff management skills, assigning staff to specific roles and responsibilities.


It is an expectation that all staff actively engage in games, whether acting as the head or assistant coach. Assistant coaches are also expected to lead the team training session that will be held during Fest. This allows the players to hear a different coaching voice, maybe a different style and allow some coaching education for the team coach also.



We ask that each coach contacts the coach listed as your partner to introduce yourself and give any relevant information about your team you feel necessary.  On the first night of the coaches meeting (immediately following the Opening Ceremony) we will have a chance to get together and meet before the morning games.


Something for Everyone

Fest Developmental

This is well suited to players who are interested in enhancing their technical skills. while participating in fun games and developmentally appropriate activities with professional coaching staff. Developmentally appropriate and challenging activities are applied around specific daily themes like dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting and finishing, first touch.  Players will be empowered to make their own decisions and solve their own problems in a positive learning environment.   The goal is to maximize fun by maximizing their touches on the ball.

Please Contact Us

Interested in Volunteering?

    Would you or your child like to volunteer at Rush Fest? Register for our volunteer list to see how YOU can help be a part of us behind the scenes!

    Volunteers can help with a variety of tasks during the event, like field setup, coaching in the Thunder or Developmental camps, or even helping at Movie Night! We could use some helping hands anxious to be more involved. Register as a volunteer, and we will coordinate with you/your family prior to the event.

    Thanks, and again, we appreciate your help!!

    General Inquiries

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Can Register?

    Rush Fest is for 2011 Boys & Girls Rush teams, regardless of where you reside. Physically filling out registration should be done by a coach or team manager (or parent, if you are only registering an individual.) We will have all levels of play, from DA teams to lower level and everything in between.

    Do I Have To Bring My Whole Team?

    Every 2011 is welcome! While we encourage full teams to attend so that you get to experience traveling with your entire team, it is not a requirement. We still encourage players to sign up as individuals or partial teams!

    Can I Register As An Individual?

    Yes – if you are able to attend but you are from a state without a specific 2011 team, or there are not enough players to make the journey as a team, we have the option to register as an individual, and Rush Soccer will place you on a team for the week.

    Do I Have to Stay In A Specific Hotel?

    Yes, Rush Fest is a “stay-to-play” event and you will reserve your block of rooms through Rush Travel. Rush Soccer has secured hotels for the Rush Fest which will host the classroom facilities, opening ceremonies, and facilities for team and staff meetings. Team Managers will receive booking links once registration is approved.

    How Can Parents Book Hotels For The Same Rate And Location?

    Parents can book their hotels via the same link as players and coaches; however, we ask that you are courteous with your room block – space is limited, and we want as many teams/players as possible to have their choice of hotel.

    When Should I Book My Arrival And Departure Dates?

    The opening Ceremony will commence at 6pm on Sunday, July 9, and the last games will conclude by 2:00 pm on Friday, July 14. Florida has so much to offer in the summertime, we recommend you stay a few extra days to have some fun!

    Okay, I Registered - Now What?

    You should receive an email detailing your registration submission. You will receive a Google Doc to fill out pertinent information regarding your team and will receive emails from Adam to collect payment, rosters, etc.

    Are Meals Provided?

    Yes, if you stay at the Sandpiper Resort Hotel at Altitude Academy, otherwise, some offsite hotels may provide breakfast. It is recommended $35-$40 per day is sent with your children to cover meal expenses.

    Are Parents Encouraged To Attend?

    Absolutely, this is a Rush-wide festival and we believe the parents should attend to experience the Rush Way in full effect too. We are asking the players to stay together in rooms with chaperones and coaches and not stay in the same room as their parents. This is likely the first time that the players are traveling and staying together as a team and we want to make sure that we give them the responsibility but under the supervision of their chaperones. Learning the Rush Way to travel is a part of this event!

    What Is Expected Of A Rush Chaperone?

    Rush chaperones are volunteers and without them, this event wouldn’t be possible. Generally, chaperones are responsible, soccer-loving, and able to pass a background check. Specifically for this event, a chaperone must be punctual, tireless and attentive. Typically a chaperone at the Rush Fest is responsible for driving the team to and from the fields, arranging all meals, sorting travel items, etc. Contact us if you need guidance.

    What Is The ``Gift Exchange``?

    One of the big events we plan is a “kids only” (not strictly) social event in which players socialize amongst each other and exchange Rush gifts from their local club. It is a blast! We recommend you bring an item per child, but by all means bring more – the more a player starts with, the more they can trade for with other clubs! Your item can be anything customized to your local Rush club. (ie Colorado Rush t-shirts, Alaska Rush hat, etc.)

    Do We Have To Bring Our Own Equipment?

    Coaches are responsible for bringing their own cones and pennies and we recommend the players each bring a size 5 ball. With over 60 teams anticipated we are unable to provide equipment for all teams, unfortunately.

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