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Club Admin Services

Club Admin Services

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Club Admin Services

Welcome to the Rush Soccer Club Administrative Services program. This program is designed specifically to serve you and your club’s administrative needs.

Rush Soccer provides elite services to partner clubs in order to help run their day to day operations. Our CAS team of experts is here to help oversee the administrative and operational aspects to any program or project needed.We recognize the performance of a club’s front office is just as important as the development of its players.

Using a CAS representative from Rush Soccer to help with the administration of Colorado Rush has not only save us time and money but it has increased our efficiency in every aspect of running a soccer organization. Sheryl Hopeau is one of the best if not the best administrator in the country. Colorado Rush is lucky to be able to use this service with our membership and staff. We have only received great reviews from our membership and staff with the work she has been able to accomplish over the past 2 months. ***** 5 stars for this program*****

– John Carroll, Colorado Rush

Administrative Experts

CAS Services

There is no job too big or too small for our team. From registration, to helping with communication in your club, CAS is ready to help with all off-the-field tasks.

  • Manage daily financial transactions, including the collection of club dues, filing yearly taxes/ GE taxes, etc. Manage team accounts, monthly bank statements, and 1099’s for independent contractors.
  • Present BOD monthly and yearly financial statements. Assist with the budget for the upcoming year.
  • Master the registration platform process for players, teams, and coaches relative to the state, club, and league affiliations.
  • Community Outreach programs within the soccer community.  Club Liaison for leagues and state associations.


Featured Service

Rush360 is here and CAS is ready to engage! Our admin team will help you transition to Rush Soccer’s new registration and website platform. Once you’ve transitioned our support doesn’t have to stop there! Let us aid you in running your programs on the platform so you can focus on what matters.

Ready to streamline your club and take advantage of the lowest transaction fee on the market? Reach out to our CAS Director, Sheryl Hopeau, at [email protected]. Or click the button below to learn more about how Rush360 can set you miles apart from the competition.

Digital Marketing
  • Manage the website, social media platforms and assist on filling open positions that pertain to Branding.
Player Relations
  • Monitor relationships with membership by resolving internal issues that arise, What the membership is looking for? Participating in discussion on how the club needs to evolve depends upon current trends and membership needs.
  • Manages the player opportunities within the club structure between the branches. Keep the communication fluid from the branches to the main HUB.
  • Oversee the CAP program, NLI signing and the coordination of age group meetings.
  • Provide quarterly statistics and forecasts for age groups
Staffing and Training
  • Train and develop team admin to navigate through the registration platforms for league play, team fundraising, and team travel.  Produce the necessary documentation for all out-of-state travel as required.
  • Assist in the hiring of open positions within the club administration/coaching.
  • Communicate from the club to the membership with all club activities, club deadlines, and RUSH National directives. Communicate the club vision and mission that is spearheaded by the TD/Directors.
  • Coordinate Club meetings for Admins, DOC meetings, Coaching education, BOD, etc. Manages the club calendar to current day-to-day deadlines.
Club Admin Services
Club Growth
  • Take part in expanding the brand and growing the club. Oversee the transition of new members or transferred players into the club.
  • Participate in promoting the Club and finding partners or sponsors.
Rush Responsibilities
  • Utilize the tools that RUSH National provides for the membership and its branches.
  • Oversee the accountability chart for the club. Do your best to ensure that the club is getting all greens for all categories. If you have access to the clubs data for each category, submit it to SPI yourself.
  • Make sure that the contacts within the dashboard for the club are up to date.
  • Capelli Liaison and oversee uniform procedures

Fast Support For Your Club

CAS Direct

CAS Direct is a specialized division within RUSH CAS, dedicated to completing essential but tedious and time-consuming tasks. CAS Direct can help streamline day-to-day efforts of RUSH Directors, CAS Members, and all individual clubs on the 360 Player Platform. The primary goal of CAS Direct is to handle specified administrative tasks efficiently, allowing the RUSH community to focus on strategic initiatives, organizational growth, and the application of creativity and expertise to further enhance the RUSH experience for players and their families.

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*If you are a Rush club, you must be utilizing Rush360 to gain access to CAS Direct services. Learn more about Rush360.

Roster Building
  • Building Rosters for tournaments or for your team’s upcoming season. Moving Player data into GotSoccer, Playmetrics, Total Global Sports, and others.
Graphic Design
  • Simple Graphic Design Projects like flyers, brochures, logos, org charts, etc.
Platform Training
  • Team Managers and Coaches who are inexperienced with registration platforms can reach out for quick in-person guidance on how to perform actions on platforms like Sports Connect, Got Sport, Playmetrics, TGS, etc. 20-minute meeting
Data Entry
  • Data Entry covers any necessary record-keeping and fulfills club/league requests for data. The service includes customized spreadsheet creation.
  • Descriptive high-quality writing and editing of any front-facing Rush reading materials (articles, blogs, informational materials)
Marketing Video & Audio Editing
  • Editing of marketing videos and audio files.

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