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Besides being an incredible tourist destination, Spain is the country of futbol. Spain Rush SPF is an international high-performance soccer program designed for young players looking to take their game to the next level while experiencing a new culture. Train with 1st Division Clubs, play against top Spanish Teams, visit cultural monuments and stadiums such as the Real Madrid “Bernabeu”, the Valencia CF “Mestalla” or the Barça “Camp Nou”. The realism and the intensity of the training methodology here is known all over the world and SPF gives you the opportunity to combine all this in a single sports trip.

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You just have to focus on your soccer, your experience, and build memories in a country where Futbol is the #1 sport!

First-class sport resort with full board and meals
3x Specialized practice sessions with Spain Rush SPF
3x afternoon training sessions with local clubs
Weekly friendly match against local clubs
Physiotherapists at every SPF training and match
Drivers to take players to club trainings and matches
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More than a Tourist Destination

Life in Valencia

With awesome Mediterranean beaches, great climate year-round and the largest historical center in the entire country it's no wonder why Valencia is ranked Spain's 3rd best city. Not to mention, it's home to some of the best-known sport/cultural events in the world.

From Colorado to Spain

Success Stories

Colorado Rush Girls Academy

Hope & Ava

In the Summer of 2021, two 2006 Colorado Rush Academy Girls decided they would spend their “off-season” in Valencia, Spain. But, here at Rush, we have no off-season. With the help of our global network our Director of International Affairs, Tiago Calvano, was able to connect Hope and Ava with Ruben Estelles, the General Manager of Spain Rush SPF. This unique connection to Rush gave these players a Summer they would never forget.

Hope and Ava were able to submerge themselves in a new culture, travel the beautiful country of Spain, and learn more about the game they love while training with a top Spanish club.

Ava-and Hope with SPF trainers

Hope Thao

“Playing futbol in Spain has been such an exciting opportunity for me to experience. This country’s culture revolves around the game of futbol. It’s a lifestyle. People live & die for this game & I’ve never seen so much passion for the sport since I’ve arrived here. The level here is played at a faster pace & is more technical. Whereas in the US, my experience is players are less technical & more physical. I have definitely gained more knowledge & love for futbol since I’ve been here.” – Hope Thao

Hope defending male player

Ava Priest

“The difference between playing futbol in Spain versus the US is many different things but what stood out to me the most is in Spain futbol is part of their culture. Everywhere you go you can see futbol. In the US futbol is just a sport, in Spain it is a lifestyle. Everywhere you go you can see the passion and this passion is unmatched in the US. I am so glad to have this opportunity and to experience this first hand.” – Ava

Ava challenging player for ball

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Train in Spain

Are you interested in playing abroad in a country where futbol is practically a religion? Here's your chance to train with Spain Rush SPF in Valencia! Contact our Director of International Affairs, Tiago Calvano to learn more about this amazing opportunity you'll only find through Rush.

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