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About Demas Escazú

Over the years, Dimas Escazú has emerged as a prominent force in Costa Rican women’s soccer, consistently ranking among the top four teams from 2015 to 2020. Their exceptional performance on the field reflects their relentless pursuit of excellence, contributing significantly to the growth and competitiveness of women’s soccer in Costa Rica.

At the core of Dimas Escazú’s mission is the continuous integration of young girls and aspiring individuals into the world of soccer. The institution fosters their maximum sporting potential and concurrently utilizes the sport as a catalyst for academic growth. Beyond soccer, Dmas Escazú is transforming lives and creating new opportunities, demonstrating the power of sport as a tool for positive change.

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Group photo of Dimas's soccer team, members posing together in uniform on the field.

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The structure of the championship league consists of 28 matches in the first qualifying phase, the first four teams in the general table qualify for the next round (semifinals + 4 games, final +2 games). 14 home games during the qualifying phases, at the Nicolás Masis Stadium per year. All matches are broadcast online and on local tv.

In addition, as a complement to the official tournament, the first four teams in the general table of the previous year’s championship participate annually in the USA-CR Soccer International Tournament. 4 matches facing the 4 regional teams of the US Olympic program.


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