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Rush Soccer stands as the world’s largest club for a reason. Clubs worldwide choose to be a part of our organization due to our proven ability to facilitate their success, both on and off the field. We acknowledge the significance of holistic development for both players and the front office of a club. At Rush Soccer, our unwavering focus is on equipping our valued partners with the necessary resources and support to foster the growth of your club, enabling you to establish a dominant presence within your local community.

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Why Choose Us?

Global Network

By joining Rush, you become part of a global network of over 125 communities united by a shared vision. Our mission is to establish ourselves as one of the world’s most renowned brands, offering top-tier soccer programs of unparalleled quality. Partnering with Rush allows you to preserve your club’s unique identity while gaining immediate national recognition as a trusted and respected brand. Together, we have the power to redefine the standard for soccer. Experience the Rush difference today.

Dedicated Staff

At Rush Soccer, our team of world-class experts are committed to empowering your local club’s success. Having originated as a small club in Colorado, we understand the intricacies of day-to-day operations and acknowledge the occasional challenges that may arise. With over 25 years of experience, we possess the expertise to tackle any obstacle, regardless of its magnitude. Whether you require assistance with HR, Marketing, Accounting, Coaching, or Parent Education, we are here to offer unwavering support as your club flourishes alongside Rush. Together, we form a formidable team.

Financial Benefits

Partnering with Rush brings a multitude of advantages for individual clubs, as they become part of a nationally recognized organization. Leveraging our extensive network, we have the ability to secure exclusive partnerships with renowned global brands, opportunities that may otherwise be unattainable for smaller clubs. These strategic alliances enable us to offer valuable perks such as complimentary coaching gear, financial rebates, and an array of additional benefits. Unlock the potential of your club and enjoy the rewards that come with being a part of the Rush network.

Elite Programs

Achieving success as a soccer club encompasses much more than providing a playing platform for players. At Rush, our comprehensive programs equip players, parents, coaches, and staff with the essential tools for success both on and off the field. With Rush Select, players have the opportunity to showcase their skills at the highest national level of competition. As college becomes a consideration, our College Advisory Program assists players and parents in navigating the daunting college recruitment process. Furthermore, our Development Program offers a wealth of resources including an expanding library of training plans, instructional videos, and other valuable materials to support coaches and alleviate the concerns of parents involved in youth soccer. Join Rush today and unlock the path to success for all members of your club.

Proven Excellence

In our 25 year history, Rush has helped propel over 91 athletes to the professional level. The proven methodology of Rush can be found hard at work in the MSL, NWSL, on the International stage, and in the shiny reflection of the World Cup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I like what Rush does but I don't think my club can afford it financially

Becoming part of the Rush will actually help your club financially. The Rush model is built towards benefiting the club not only in terms of services but also financially. Once again, the economies of scale generated allow many of our clubs to overcompensate the cost of the membership fees and actually profit from being a Rush club, receiving numerous rebates, savings, and discounts. Examples of these are Grant opportunities, our Rebates Programs, Assistance with Tournaments, Immigration Assistance, etc.

I like what Rush does but I don't want to lose control over my club

We don’t take control of your club. Clubs join the Rush through a licenses and services agreement that can be broken by the club at any time without any penalty fees. We respect the autonomy of the club at all times. Rush Soccer’s Constitution states that we do not have control over your budget, your board, or any of your disciplinary issues, so you’re fully protected at all times.

I don't really understand how joining the Rush would help my club

Joining the Rush will give you access to developmental pathways and services
that a club on its own can’t normally provide. We can help set up or complement your own programs. Examples of these are our College Advisory Program, our Select Program, Coach Development, or Marketing.

Why Rush and not another youth club?

We don’t think it is right to talk about other organizations in the market, so we focus on ourselves and making our club better every day. Moreover, we consider Rush a very unique organization. We truly are a club for all players, families, coaches, and professionals, and we don’t relate to our clubs as customers even if we focus on providing services for them, but instead, we work all together as one big club with a dream and a strong purpose.

How do I know Rush won't open another Rush club next to mine?

When you sign your agreement with Rush, Territorial rights are mutually agreed upon to ensure your exclusivity. We discuss them with you, always on a case-by-case basis, so we make sure every proposal is fair and mindful of your local landscape. That’s also why we charge an affiliation fee, to cover the cession of the territory.

Why Capelli and not another equipment provider?

Capelli is a great partner for Rush. Not only in terms of the quality of their products but also because they treat us and our clubs in a personalized and caring way. We are not just another account for them and Capelli is not just a uniform provider for us, they believe in the club’s mission and support it continuously, which is reflected in the extensive and generous rebates they offer to our clubs.

I like it all but I have a current uniform contract for another two years

We understand, a lot of the clubs that join us are in similar situations. We’ll work this out with you. We would not want you to incur expenses and/or penalty fees for the early termination of a contract. We can have you join as a Rush club and allow you to continue using your uniforms until the contract is due, under the commitment of switching to Capelli as soon as it is.

The competitive package is more expensive than what I currently have.

We know that clubs might find other options that are more affordable. Rush not only has a commitment to ensure all of its uniforms are top quality, but through our partnership with Capelli, we also make sure that clubs receive enough rebates, promos, and discounts to compensate for this increase.

I like Rush but I don't want to lose my identity.

We fully understand that joining the Rush could be seen as such, but that’s why we always respect our clubs keeping their names (if desired) and only adding the word Rush where they like it best so that rather than intend to change the club’s local identity we collaborate with them in also adopting a global identity and recognition. Examples of this are Rush Clubs like Bluffton Rush, AC Delray Rush, Miami Kendall Rush, and Rush Pikes Peak.

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