Rush DevelopmentClueless about Goalkeeping? Help your team, NOW!

Clueless about Goalkeeping? Help your team, NOW!

This is the first part of a series of articles that Sean Connors, Rush Soccer’s Global Goalkeeping Director, will share with us with the main goal of helping the field coach learn about GK.

Being a great Rush Coach means coaching every player on your team to be the best player they can be.  Unfortunately if you weren’t a goalkeeper during your playing days, or have had the chance to take a GK specific coaching course, it can be difficult to properly coach the goalkeeper on your team. Learn some basics below that will make your goalkeeper, and your team, better right away!

Where should the goalkeeper stand in the goal

What does it mean to “Get Set?”

  • The goalkeeper “Gets Set” just prior to a shot being taken.
  • Feet should be just beyond shoulder width, with knees slightly bent.  The knees should not go beyond toes.
  • Hands should be facing each other as if holding an imaginary ball. Hands should be far enough away from their body that they can see them while looking at the ball. This will help get body weight forward onto toes.
  • Arms should be parallel to the ground.
  • Communicate to your goalkeeper to “see the ball, see your hands, catch the ball.”

The starting position of the hands allows the GK to react to shots high and low.  By starting with hands in a catching position, they should move together toward the ball thus giving the GK the best chance to catch the ball vs blocking.

The biggest key to a goalkeeper getting set is that their feet need to be on the ground in order to react and move to where the shot goes.  If they are in the air or bouncing, it will limit their ability to move and can result in allowing easy savable goals.

When the shooter gets closer, especially in a one v one situation, the GK’s hands will go lower and wider, but should still be past their knees to keep body weight forward.  It is ok to have the hands apart at this point because the priority is blocking the goal and getting big, versus focusing on catching the ball.

By helping your goalkeeper stand in the correct position, and get set before each shot, the success of your goalkeeper and team will only increase!

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