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Rush Travel creating new experiences for clubs, players abroad

Opportunities Abound Overseas

Rush Travel creating new experiences for clubs, players abroadRush Travel is creating new experiences for clubs and players abroad

Rush clubs and individual players interested in venturing into new frontiers on the soccer pitch have plenty of opportunities awaiting. All it takes is contacting Rush Travel, led by Sheryl Hopeau.

“If you want to travel to play or train in the Alps, Italy, Costa Rica, or Spain, we can create a number of packages designed to the needs of club teams or individual players,” Hopeau said.

Hopeau oversees a team that handles all the logistics so clubs and players only have to worry about the thing they love the most—playing soccer.

“We take care of all the details,” Hopeau said. “We make sure that everyone is properly registered for going in and out of the countries, make sure that their roster is filled, planning weekly meetings to make sure everyone has their itineraries and travel checklists. We cover Covid protocols for returning to the states, handle accounting, and set up a What’s App communication thread so we can communicate throughout the trip, taking care of any problems that might come up.”

Hopeau and her team can customize any of the pre-arranged packages they have, ranging anything from one week to nine weeks.

“We have different packages that we can adjust to any time frame,” Hopeau said. “Most of our travel happens during the summer, but if a club comes to us and wants to travel at a different time, we can create any package the club wants.”

For more information on Rush Travel and to check out some of the available packages and pricing, visit

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