InternationalFrom Colorado to Valencia, Spain

From Colorado to Valencia, Spain

On July 20th, 2021, Hope Thao and Ava Priest of the 2006 Girls Academy Team from Colorado Rush traveled to Valencia, Spain to train with Valencia FC for 30 days. Rush has solidified their Academy in Valencia with the partnership of Rush Spain.

Between the Rush Soccer staff that are in the United States, along with our Global Staff all around the world, Rush was able to connect these young women with Coach Ruben Estelles Camacho in Spain.

This is a great program offered to all of our Rush players and we are very proud of this opportunity we can provide.” said Tiago Calvano, Director of International Affairs

This trip was made possible for players like Hope and Ava to gain an experience unlike any other in the futbol realm in North America.
Hope & Ava are divulging into the culture, touring the country, and above all else; learning more about the game of soccer while training with a top club in Spain as a part of Rush.

If anyone has an interest in going to Valencia please contact our Director of International Affairs, Tiago Calvano at [email protected]


When we asked, What is the biggest difference in playing futbol in America and Spain?

Hope answered: “Playing futbol in Spain has been such an exciting opportunity for me to experience. This country’s culture revolves around the game of futbol. It’s a lifestyle. People live & die for this game & I’ve never seen so much passion for the sport since I’ve arrived here. The level here is played at a faster pace & is more technical. Whereas in the US, my experience is players are less technical & more physical. I have definitely gained more knowledge & love for futbol since I’ve been here.”

And Ava said: “The difference between playing futbol in Spain versus the US is many different things but what stood out to me the most is in Spain futbol is part of their culture. Everywhere you go you can see futbol. In the US futbol is just a sport, in Spain it is a lifestyle. Everywhere you go you can see the passion and this passion is unmatched in the US. I am so glad to have this opportunity and to experience this first hand.”

Any new favorite foods?

Hope: “The seafood here is soo good! Including all the fresh fruits. But my favorite so far has been the freshly pressed orange juice & pineapple juice!”

Ava: “Yes actually, cuttlefish is a new favorite!”