AchievementsMaddie Moreau Signs with Bay FC in the NWSL

Maddie Moreau Signs with Bay FC in the NWSL

Maddie Moreau signs with Bay FC, NWSL team

Former Rush Soccer Player Maddie Moreau Signs with Bay FC in the NWSL



[New York, NY, March 19, 2024] – Bay FC, the newly established women’s professional soccer franchise in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), has secured a valuable addition to its roster. Maddie Moreau, a former player for Rush Soccer in Louisiana, has signed a contract to join Bay FC for the upcoming season. This exciting development is set to strengthen Bay FC’s squad and bring new talent to the ever-growing NWSL.


Maddie Moreau, known for her exceptional defensive skills, is a rising star in the world of soccer. Her time with Cajun Rush (now LA Krewe Rush) has allowed her to hone her abilities and showcase her talent. Now, Moreau is ready to take the next step in her career by joining Bay FC, an ambitious team aiming for success in the NWSL.


Bay FC, led by a team of experienced professionals, is dedicated to building a competitive and diverse squad capable of challenging other top teams in the league. The addition of Maddie Moreau is seen as a significant move by Bay FC to strengthen their defense and enhance their chances of achieving their goals in the upcoming NWSL season.


“I am so excited and grateful to be signing with this club! To be in the same environment as these players, coaches, and staff is a dream come true for me,” says Maddie Moreau. “I know I will learn and grow here, and I cannot wait to leave a legacy with Bay FC!”


The NWSL is the top professional women’s soccer league in the United States and provides a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills. With Maddie Moreau’s signing, Bay FC continues to affirm its commitment to promoting women’s soccer and providing opportunities for players to thrive at the highest level. The franchise’s participation in the NWSL has been met with great enthusiasm from fans and supporters who eagerly await the team’s debut.



Maddie Moreau’s journey from a Rush Soccer player to joining Bay FC in the NWSL is a testament to her hard work, determination, and talent. “At Rush Soccer, we work with players to succeed in their desired player pathway. Maddie always aimed for the top and we ensured she had the showcase opportunities and training to help get her there,” says Raoul Voss, Global Sporting Director at Rush Soccer.


“We are so excited for Maddie! She is an incredible player who has worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. LA Krewe Rush (formerly Cajun) couldn’t ask for a better role model for all of our current players, as she has excelled both on and off the field,” says Michael Ritch, Director of Rush Soccer.


Bay FC is confident that her addition to the team will strengthen their defensive line and contribute to their success in their inaugural season. Fans and soccer enthusiasts are excited to witness Moreau’s performance on the field and are eagerly anticipating the start of the NWSL season.


“I want to express my gratitude to Lucy and Austin from Bay FC for their exceptional professionalism during the negotiation process regarding Maddie’s contract,” states Daniel Mendes, Moreau’s agent at Global Football Enterprise. “Working with them was incredibly smooth, and I appreciate their efficiency and professionalism. I wish Maddie the best of luck in her new journey, and I am confident that she will excel in her role.”


Join us in welcoming Maddie Moreau to Bay FC and stay tuned for updates on the team’s progress as they prepare for their debut in the NWSL. Follow the team on social media and use the hashtags #BayFC, #NWSL, and #MaddieMoreau to stay connected and show your support for this exciting new addition to the women’s professional soccer scene.




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