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Welcome to the Rush Fest Travel page.  Here you will find information on Hotels, Vans and all the travel associated with the Fest.


Please note this is a stay-to-play event and you are required to use our contracted hotels. 
The Rush Fest has negotiated some very good hotel rates, which include the use of the classrooms and dining facilities for the week that enable us to keep the cost down for the entire event. 

The Rush Fest is encouraged to be the first travel tournament for this age group, and so with this comes a number of learning experiences.  The Rush Fest is a very safe and controled environment to allow us to help with the introduction of some of the Rush Way philospohies of travel.  This include the following:

Four players to a room:  As the players mature within Rush Soccer, travel will become more common and so the need to keep costs low becomes important.  For this reason we have the players stay four to a room.  We have chaperones in adjoining rooms but give the responsibility to the players. 

Room Captains: Rooms are assigned "Room Captains" who are responsible for being the conduit between the players in their room and the chaperones/coach.

Room Rules:  At no time does Rush condone Male players in a Female rooms and Vice-Versa.  And Rush prohibits Team meetings in coaches rooms.  Please ensure that a single player is never in a room with a coach or chaperone.

Van and Car Rental

Please note that you are required to use our contracted rental agency for cars and and vans.
You will prepay for vans with your registration! 

Rush Soccer has negotiated very competitive prices for car and van rental due to the fact that as a non-profit organization, we are able to get tax relief on the costs and so pass these savings on to you the team/family.

Rush Soccer has a policy regarding van and car saftey.  For safety reasons we prohibit the use if 15 passenger vans and will not be offereing them as part of the Rush Fest. Thank you for your understanding.

For the protection of the player and the coach we strongly advise that at no time should a player be left alone in a car with a coach or chaperone.  All players in a vehicle must have a seat belt.

Prices below include insurance and all applicable fees.
Minivans: $78/day. Seats 7.
12 Passenger Vans: $137/day. Seats 12.
Economy cars: $52/day. Seats 4-5.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for supporting our programs!
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