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Rush Select Logo copyRush Select teams are comprised of top Rush players from across the country to attend various events on a yearly basis. 

Think of it as an all-star guest playing opportunity, but amplified. Players and coaches from Rush clubs around the country hardly know each other's names at the beginning of each event, but by the time everyone departs, lifetime bonds have been forged and a new level of play has been discovered. Players return to their club with a new understanding of the Rush Way, our core values, and exactly what it means to be a part of the largest youth soccer organization in the world. 

Please read our FAQ below for more information on the Rush Select program. 

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How can my son or daughter make a Rush Select team? 

Being a "top player" means that tryouts, in a sense, are on going. Your coach and club's Technical Director can make recommendations to Select staff at any point throughout the year. 

Select tryouts are held a couple times per year, at various locations:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

What events does the Rush Select program participate in? 

Below is a schedule of Select events and their locations. Click the link for that event's FAQ.

How the program help with college / professional playing exposure? 

The busiest and largest tournaments in the country attract college scouts, that's no big news. We target those tournaments and as a result, players are given extra exposure.  Being a Rush player attracts attention, but being a Select player is even more enticing to college recruiters. 

How can I get involved with the program as a coach or team volunteer (manager, chaperone)?  

Please contact Nik Penn, Director of Rush Select & Coaching Education.

What is it like to chaperone a Select trip, or volunteer as a team manager? 

Chaperones are essential for successful travel with a team, read some testimonials from chaperones who have experienced a Select trip first hand.

Select Chaperone Overview

Select Manager Overview 

Important Documents

School Absence Letter

Sample Travel Packet (with packing list)

Offensive + Defensive Player Packet

The Rush Way Philosophy Player Packet

Who can I thank for this great program? 

Nik Penn, Director of Rush Select & Coaching Education

Brian Lux, Director of Goal Keeping & Assistant to the Director 

Adam Logan, Communications Officer and General Media Guy

Holly Schulz, Travel Coordinator and Social Media

Arian Hoxha, Regional Technical Director - Western

Matt Mittelstaedt, Regional Technical Director - Northern

Dave Dengerink, Regional Technical Director - Central

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