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Cameroon Rush GK Selected for His Country


03.12.12 - cameroon rush nelson  doe rightTalent is in every crook and cranny.  Pictured above is Goalkeeper Nelson DOH (in yellow) of Rush FC Bali, Cameroon is now in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. Nelson is in camp, training with Cameroon's U-17 National Team as they prepare for an international tournament in Montaigue, France this year and next year's U-17 African Nations Cup.

"I am grateful to the coaches of the National Team for having given me this opportunity. During a tournament in Yaounde about a month ago, I did very well and I believe that is why I have been selected to join the National. I am just 15 years old and even though only 22 players will make the final selection, I am here in Yaounde with the National Team to learn," said the young keeper on the phone from Yaounde.

"Players come from everywhere.  We, as coaches, can not determine who the next player will be or where the next player will evolve from.  Talent is one thing but a player most have a "gut" to play pro.  He/she loves the game with every waking moment to the point where this individual balanced life is in question.  Yes, I know a teacher plays an enormous role, but these two components must collide in order for greatness to evolve," said Erik Bushey, Technical Director of Colorado Rush. "We have thosands of players in the Rush system.  Talent is everywhere but that is not the key ingredient for success.  It is drive, determination.  Yes, when I see this in the younger athletes, my interest peacameroon1ks."

"I would also like to thank my coaches here in Rush FC Bali as well as Rush Soccer in the United States which has given hope to poor kids like me here in Bali, Cameroon. They send us equipment from America and train our coaches in America. Without Rush Soccer, some of us would never have been known in the world of soccer," the young keeper concluded.

Nelson is a student at the Government Technical Secondary School, Bali, Cameroon.

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