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Empire State Joins Rush Nation


rush-news-5Rush Soccer is very excited to announce the addition of our 28th domestic partner, New York Rush.

Located 30 minutes north of New York City in Westchester County, the new club, formerly the Patriots, has just over 250 players on teams ranging from U11 to U23 on the girls/women’s side and teams at U11, U14 and U16 on the boys side.

“I have been looking at our expansion map for years now and waiting for the day we partner with a club in New York.  Well, needless to say, that day is here,” commented Rush Soccer President and CEO Tim Schulz.  “I am looking forward to working with the Patriots, New York Rush.  New York is an Icon.   They do things big and they know their soccer.   The ethnic backgrounds and heritage started here.  This is area where soccer began in the U.S.  I am thrilled. “

Ney York Rush club Administrator Tommy Reca believes joining the Rush family will greatly benefit their players saying, “We hope to be able to offer our players and coaching staff an experience that they would never have with any other club in the United States. They’ll have opportunities to meet new people and make new friends in different parts of the country through the Rush Fest, Rush Select Teams, Rush Loan Program, and the Rush Summit. The continued education of our coaches and players is paramount if we are to build upon the past 16 years of successes we’ve had.”

There are over 100 soccer clubs in Westchester County alone but New York Rush, led by President,  Director & Founder Don Cupertino and Director of Coaching Steve Davis, believe they already have a leg up on many clubs due to their training facilities that include turf fields with lights. Field rental is expensive so close to the city but these facilities provide great training opportunities for the players.

Although a relatively small club in numbers compared to many Rush Partners, New York Rush have had good success over their years and have produced some top talent including two players selected in the inaugural WPS draft.

Please click here for full press release.

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