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Parents MAP - November


Control - 

As we have said previously Control  - refers to ones ability to maintain composure and control ones emotions in a variety of situations and in various ways.  This can refer to a number of things in sports including dealing with feelings, coping with losses/wins as well as dealing with pressure situations like championships and penalty kicks.  It can also mean dealing with a bad grade or an impeding paper that may be due.  Again, the idea behind the M.A.P. is to provide ideas that will help kids in sports and in life.

This month we are going to explore how to help our kids “frame” stress.  Some stress is necessary to grow.  What I mean by that is that sometimes stress is important to reach new and bigger things.  In fact, in order for someone to get physically stronger using weights they need to “stress” the system out.  But of course too much stress and the body gets injured…and is our role to help pile the weights on or simply guide with ideas, suggestions and perhaps some nutrition advice here and there. 

What I want to propose is that 1) We understand stress and arousal/anxiety.  2) We understand how we might help “frame” these so that they look at these situations and concepts as opportunities vs. burdens. 

Click through the PDF and enjoy….and as if anyone if you have any questions please feel free to email me.  And – if you are interested in learning more about some of these ideas to help you help your kids reach their potential you can purchase my book on Amazon here.

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