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Coaches MAP - November


This month we are going to explore how to help our kids “frame” stress.  I have deliberately made this similar to the one I put together for parents.  Reason being  - the focus can be the same, but of course our roles in helping kids “frame” stress are vastly different.  I encourage you to check out the parents M.A.P. as well as the players to get a sense of how they all fit together.
Click through the PDF….and check out these links (I also include them in the PDF)


  • Here is a fun look at my analogy for anxiety and arousal as it relates to a popular game on the Price is Right…silly yes….entertaining…for sure!!
    • All participants are excited (and remain so if he doesn’t fall off the cliff) as the climber climbs

    • BUT …once he appears to fall off and does…yikes…anxiety - 
    • …Poor cliffhanger (and their contestants) …too much anxiety!
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