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Players - welcome to your M.A.P. Our goal is to help you reach your destination by helping you get better at the “5cs” – Commitment, Confidence, Concentration, Communication, and Control. These 5cs represent key mental and emotional areas that when learned and implemented will help you improve your performance on the field…and in life.

What are the 5 C's? 

The goal of the Rush M.A.P. is to develop the “5cs” in our athlete’s parents and coaches.

The 5cs 
  • Commitment – refers to ones desire, determination, and persistence to accomplish a task – it involves giving 100% and making sacrifices
  • Concentration – refers to ones ability to focus or change their focus at key times
  • Confidence – refers to ones belief in ones self, of those around them, and of ones capacities and abilities
  • Communication – refers to ones ability to receive and provide effective information, and to interact with and influence those around them
  • Control - refers to ones ability to maintain composure and control of ones emotions in a variety of situations, in various ways and through various means

Here are a couple of examples of the 5 C's?

  • Have you ever “known” that you were going to make your PK before you even took it?   How about the flip side of that…have you ever “felt” that you were going to miss your PK before you even took it? That’s confidence at work.
  • Have you ever felt very calm just before a game started and played well?. How about the flip side…have you ever felt “all freaked out” just before a game and played poorly? That’s emotional “Control” at work.

 Here are a couple of the 5C's in action:

  • Commitment – Commitment is a hugely important ingredient for success in soccer, and also in all other walks of life. This is shown by Hollywood superstar Will Smith in this clip, as he talks about how his commitment (particularly work ethic), is a huge factor in being a successful person (and soccer player of course).
  • Concentration – This clip shows how important staying focused on your target is. Whether that be for a pass to a teammate or PK in soccer, something you are focusing on achieving (e.g. improving your heading ability), or anything else that you need to focus on. There will be lots of things trying to distract you, hold you back, push you off route from achieving your goal, but you must remain focused on the task and avoid these distractions if you wish to succeed.
  • Confidence – This clip shows some of the greatest sports people of all time, and explains how the greatest sports people believe in themselves and believe that they are capable of achieving their dreams. ‘Impossible is Nothing’…..believe in yourself.
  • Communication – This clip shows Juventus players and staff talking about the importance of communicating and establishing good relationships with your teammates. The importance of ‘togetherness’ is clear for these superstars. 
  • Control – This clip shows the moment that wrecked a great players career. Zinedine Zidane had a truly fantastic career, but unfortunately one lapse in emotional control will mean that he is remembered for a very negative reason, being sent off in the World Cup final after reacting to a comment made by an opponent. His team went on to lose thefinal. 

How we will help you learn and apply these:

Bi-weekly and/or monthly we will post some videos or video links, player quotes, articles about players and/or sometimes a quick explanation about one or more of the 5Cs

For example we want to talk about how a player might build his or her ability to improve confidence before playing against a big opponent or before a big game….where do we start? Well we could start by:

  • Showing a video of for example how Messi gets himself ready for a big game 
  • We may also talk about what confidence is in a short video clip or 3 or 4 sentences 
  • Then maybe we, again in a video or quick 2 or 3 sentences, talk about ways you can do this for yourself and improve this skill over time

The M.A.P. will try all of these ways and more to help you be able to understand apply this C and be great at your game. Of course all we can do is put the stuff up on the site…its up to you to check back often, click on the links and try the ideas out.

And what should you do if you have questions?

“Ask the Expert” - We are going to have a place for you to submit questions to our MentalSkills experts by clicking on the “Ask the Experts” button in your section. 

You will simply click on the button and type in your questions.  Then, once or twice a month one of our M.A.P. experts or special guests (ex or current professional players, ex or current Rush players, coaches, etc…) will create a video and read/answer some of the questions submitted.  You can view the video live or delayed as videos will be stored in the “ask the expert” section and can be viewed at anytime”. 

Questions can be anything from I don’t understand how to improve this skill or why do you think this player cant focus in big games, etc…

This section of the M.A.P. is under construction and will be available shortly…so keep checking back. 

What if you want more help?

In September or October we will start a program called the Personal Development Program (PDP).  The PDP will be a program that you choose to do with one of our MentalSkills experts to improve one or more of the 5Cs.  You will know what to improve based on conversations with your coach, things you notice or with our personal awareness tool that you can fill out here (link).  The tool is a way for you to answer a few simple questions about yourself and your play to help you pinpoint exactly what you may need to improve. 

The PDP program will be done over Skype.  The portion of the M.A.P. is under construction and will be available shortly…so keep checking back. 

How to use the MAP: 

These are some ideas on how to use MAP to ensure you are really getting the most out of it that you can.

  1. Get a notebook for all of you MAP notes!!!
  2. Make notes of things you have learned.
  3. Make notes of the activities you have done.
  4. Be detailed in how you organize your information – so commitment, confidence etc… sections

In time we will also suggest that you take notes on your performances so that you can truly see your growth as a player. Enjoy your journey!!!

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