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The College Advisory Program Goes International


Rush Soccer is proud to provide a number of programs outside the normal realm of soccer training. One of those programs is the College Advisory Program or C.A.P, set up to serve the college bound player in many different areas. This program is run by C.A.P Director Michael Gabb and it’s starting to grow internationally as well, representing a great opportunity for our international Rush players around the world to get involved in a U.S college. The C.A.P provides information and guidance to our boys and girls teams U15 to U19 in both academic and athletic areas.

Previously a national program, the C.A.P wants to expand across borders and help globally to our partners. For that reason Colorado Rush in conjunction with Rush Soccer is developing an international recruiting program to support our players from around the world. “The overall goal of the program is to connect the college programs that are looking for international players and those international players to connect in the easiest best way possible,” says C.A.P Director, Michael Gabb. The C.A.P will increase the exposure of our international Rush players to those specific audiences in order to grow and develop the relationships with college academic and athletic programs.  

“These players will receive step by step guidance in the recruiting process including a check list of academic and athletic items needed to gain entrance into institutions and programs in the United States,” admits Michael Gabb. “They will have a working online profile directed towards partner institutions and will be able to market themselves to endless universities throughout the country at all levels,” adds the C.A.P Director.

The international expansion of the C.A.P is being developed in Pernambuco Rush (Brazil), one of the most talented soccer countries in the world. Once the program is established in the South American country, it will be expanded to the rest of the Rush clubs around the world. The first objective of the brand new program is to support our foreign player in connecting with the best college programs.

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The excitement in Brazil is remarkable as well: “Rush is a strong brand and with an excellent knowledge of soccer academies. I think we can get a good combination with all the great tactical organization from Rush and our Brazilian GINGA. I believe with this mix we will have excellent results,” says Pernambuco Rush President, Antonio Gonçalves.

The C.A.P is an exciting project and a great opportunity for our international partners and their talented players. The program is expected to grow in the next months and spread out all over the world, because Rush Soccer believes that every child deserve a fair and equal opportunity to pursue a 1college education.

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