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Mumbai Rush Players Visit America


02.26.14 - India Rush players in COThe Rush Soccer Residency Program is in full affect as three players from Mumbai Rush are in Colorado from February 5th until April 4th.

Veer Motwani (17), Suhayl Dholkawala (17) and Tarun Lundhwani (16) (pictured training in snow for the first time in their lives!) are training with the Colorado Rush while living in the newly completed Rush Clubhouse.

Veer Motwani took some time to share his thoughts on the visit to the USA: What has been the most exciting aspect of visiting America/Colorado? 
Veer Motwani: It's my first time here and i'm loving it. the training over here is a whole new level, getting to learn a lot. 

RS: What do you want to achieve while here? 
VM: I want to learn as much as i could till the time i'm here  and i want to improve my game  to such a level that i could one day play in  a major  league.   

RS: What has been the biggest cultural change between India and America? 
VM: The facilities provided here is way better than India. The support of sports is higher over here than india. 

RS: What have you learned from the Rush Coaching Staff in Colorado? 
VM: I have learned a whole new way to look at soccer.I also  learned  how to make and take the right chooses in the game.

RS: How do you like living in the ‘Colorado Rush Clubhouse’? 
VM: I enjoy a lot here. It makes me feel like home and i am very comfortable staying at the clubhouse.

If you are an international player interested in the Rush Residency Program, contact Director of International Affairs Alex Robredo.

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