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U13 Juggling Competition Winners


04.27.13 - U13 Juggling ChampsThe U13 Juggling competition results are in, and there are some phenomenal scores. 

A new record has been set on the girls side as Kayla Kunihisa of Hawaii Rush went for 7,891 juggles! But Kayla was not alone as the top three results on the girls side all went to players from Hawaii! The boys competition was won by Zachary Harrison of the Michigan Northville Swoosh team with 1,172.

"I tried my hardest to beat the high score," said Kayla. "I kept on telling myself, 'Keep on Going, and don't drop the ball.' I did not think I could do 1/2 of what I did!"

"I was excited to hear I had won," commented Zachary. "I have been working on improving my juggling for a while now.  The competition pushed me to try harder.  I still have a lot of work to do to get as good as the Rush player I saw during the Rush Fest opening ceremonies."

You can see all the results below.

A huge thanks to all those that participated and took the time to tabulate the data and send it in to Rush Soccer.  The effect this national press has on your young players, will undoubtedly inspire them to bigger and better things.  This is a small example of the players and the clubs that embrace the challenges in front of them and work hard to achieve the best they can.

Even a small competition such as this can demonstrate many of the Rush Core Values as a teaching point that our clubs offer for our players.  The TENACITY and ENJOYMENT it takes to continue to juggle every practice to try and beat the record, the PASSION to not put the ball down for over 4000 juggles, the LEADERSHIP shown by the clubs to encouraged their players to participate, and the Clubs holding their coaches and players ACCOUNTABLE to follow through. 

Here are the winners, the Rush records and a breakdown of the clubs and their scores

Golden Touch for the females: 
1.) Kayla Kunihisa, Number: 7891 Club: Hawaiigold-trophy-cup
2.) Britnny Ihara, Number: 894 Club: Hawaii
3.) Breanne Kuni, Number: 793 Club: Hawaii 

Golden Touch for the males: 
1.) Zachary Harrison, Number: 1172 Club: Michigan Northville
2.) Copper Dale, Number: 1096 Club: Colorado
3.) Morton Gilje, Number: 536 Club: Texas 

Best Club for Females: Club: Hawaii Rush Average: 793

Best Club for Males: Club: Texas Average: 161

During March and April 2013, the below clubs participated in a global competition…who has the best touch!

TeamAverageBest Male/
Best Female/
CO B Nike153Cooper Dale71
CO G A1 58Grace Reuter3
CO G Regional22Alexis Goldman
HI Nike793Kayla Kunihisa674
Merida Boys 94Patricio Javier Gomez 11
MI B Swoosh127Zachary Harrison11
NY G 19Martina Cappellano
PP B Nike132Brandon Shaughnessy 611
So Cal Girls39Charlotte Baum 
TX B Nike161Morton Gilje 52
WA B Nike59Nick Pena 
WA B Swoosh13Jaime Hodeg 
WA G Nike57Bailey Dixon
WA G Swoosh67Kate Garton

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If you click on the club, it shows the individual team scores.

The 100, 250 and 500 has a link description of what this is.

Each 100, 250, 500 has a list of players that accomplished the juggle.

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