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Easiest $75 Ever??


03.07.13 - Facebook LikesClearly by reading past the title you are one savvy consumer who likes things that are free & easy, which is exactly what this offer is about: a chance at a free $75 gift card to the Rush Fan store.
The quick version: Go Like this Facebook page
 between 12:01 am (AK Time Zone) March 7, 2013 and 11:59 pm March 21, 2013, and that’s it! You’re entered for a chance to win $75 to spend on our fan site. Oh, that includes shipping.

The details: We have a really fantastic partner in Alaska, Best Storage, who wants to promote their Facebook page, and they saw that we had some really fantastic programs that they would like to help us promote. Voila – this genius idea was born! For every Facebook Like they receive between the aforementioned dates, they will donate $5 to Alaska Rush & Rush Soccer. (Here’s that link again to Best Storage Alaska's Facebook Page. Hint, hint.)
This is one of those rare instances where it’s almost too good to be true, and that’s where YOU come in. Whether that free $75 interests you or not, you’ve already taken more time to read this article than it would take you to go LIKE that page. So, why are you still here? (No offense, we really like your company, honest.) The point is: Best Storage, Alaska Rush, and Rush Soccer would really love it if you shared your Likes. And trust us, the feeling is mutual.
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