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The results are in!


soccer jugglingThe U12  Juggling competition results are in, and there are some phenomenal scores.  The girls led the charge with two players juggling over 4000 times, with HI, CO and WA leading the way.  With both boys and girls  combining for 16 players juggling over 500 times.

You can see all the results below.

A huge thanks to all those that participated and took the time to tabulate the data and send it in to Rush Soccer.  The effect this national press has on your young players, will undoubtedly inspire them to bigger and better things.  This is a small example of the players and the clubs that embrace the challenges in front of them and work hard to achieve the best they can.

Even a small competition such as this can demonstrate many of the Rush Core Values as a teaching point that our clubs offer for our players.  The TENACITY and ENJOYMENT it takes to continue to juggle every practice to try and beat the record, the PASSION to not put the ball down for over 4000 juggles, the LEADERSHIP shown by the clubs to encouraged their players to participate, and the Clubs holding their coaches and players ACCOUNTABLE to follow through. 

Here are the winners, the Rush records and a breakdown of the clubs and their scores

Golden Touch for the females:
1.) Kyeesia 'Mika' Makekau, Number: 4123 Club: Hawaiigold-trophy-cup
2.) Mari Annest, Number: 4081 Club: Colorado
3.) Alysha Somera, Number: 1556 Club: Hawaii 

Golden Touch for the males:
1.) Jared 'Sunny' Sun, Number: 721 Club: Colorado
2.) Connor Drought, Number: 635 Club: Washington
3.) Clay Obara, Number: 526 Club: Virginia 

Best Club for Females: Club: Hawaii Rush Average: 627

Best Club for Males: Club: Colorado Average: 185

During the month of February 2013, the below clubs participated in a global competition…who has the best touch!

TeamAverageBest Male/NicknameBest Female/Nickname100250500
AK B Rush27Kelson Welker000
Cameroon127Gana BriceM. Beatrice520
CO B Nike185Jared Sun/Sunny531
CO G A155Taryn Elsner100
CO G Nike553Mari Annest 326
HI G Nike627Kyeesia Makekau 334
ID B Black19Seth Cram000
ID B Blue35Eric Johnson000
ID B Grey31Shox Madjidov000
ID G Black55Hannah Calvin100
ID G Blue323Olivia Gwin242
ID G Grey20Tayler Lyle000
ID G White19Kaeli Goicoechea000
KY B Rush24Trey Cima000
MI G Rush39Roan Heines100
MI G Swoosh21Lauren Asam000
NY G Rush46Charlotte Golden300
VA B Black143Clay Obara501
VA B Blue83Bobby O'Dowd210
VA B Gray10Will Bush000
WA B Nike154Connor Drought411
WA B Swoosh21Terrance Baker000
WA G Nike205Emily Forte001
WA G Swoosh24Anna Cavanaugh000

For more Juggling Club records, log in to the Rush Membership pages by clicking on this link, if you are not already a member sign up to our secure members only site with 250 pages of soccer fun, education and multi-media.

If you click on the club, it shows the individual team scores.

The 100, 250 and 500 has a link description of what this is.

Each 100, 250, 500 has a list of players that accomplished the juggle.

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