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As of now, there are 24 International Rush Clubs and each one has made progress under the Rush banner. india-flag-1280x7681However, Mumbai Rush seems to be setting the pace.  Located in the heart of Mumbai among 21 million habitants, the third largest city in the world, C.E.O. Dennis Fernandez is making an massive impact in the bustling city.   He recently started a league creating eight Rush Clubs at the ages U10, U12 and U14.  The venues of play are four “centers” where he brokered a deal with the private catholic schools.

 “My goal for the league is to expand to the U16 and U18 divisions, then to the girls. He would then like to create a lower division for promotion/relegation purposes.” Dennis says, “Mumbai has 10.5 million children between the ages of 5-18.  We have the numbers and we have the resources.  The potential is unlimited.”

Mumbai Rush has an academy, as well.  Here, he gathers the best players at St. Andrews, the main center of excellence.  The players receive special training, topics are chosen, a curriculum is followed…the much needed club culture is being created.

Dennis is the master mind behind the scenes.  He is ambitious, creative and tenacious.  Above all, his ethics are impeccable, truly representing the Rush down to the core.  “I am working on an exchange program to move the kids of Mumbai to the U.S. for short stays.  My aim is to give the players a taste of another culture and perhaps provide an avenue to college or the professional ranks,” Dennis continues. “Rush is the perfect fit us.  The vision, goals and core values align perfectly with objectives and beliefs.”

2013 01.26 - Rush Way Photo BU12 Mumbai Rush pictured with President & C.E.O, Tim Schulz and C.E.O. Dennis Fernandes.

 2013 01.24 - BU12 Fernandez and Schulz

2013 01.24 – Press Conference announcing the Rush Champions League.

 2013 01.24 - Press Conference Announcing the League

2013 01.25 – Champions League game day on Cinder Field.

 2013 01.24 - Field Shot



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