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Auxerre Training Enters Second Week


02.03.11-half_time_of_trial_game(03.15.11) Rush Soccer: Zack, you scored your first goal in an 11-a-side match the other day. Tell us about your goal and how did it feel?
Zack Foxhoven: Yeah, I got a good goal today in our first game since I’ve been here. Obviously as a forward it feels good to score because it is our job. The goal itself was a quick through ball for a short break away. The keeper game out and I went low and hard to the far post.
RS: Congratulations on the goal. They also put you both through a series of fitness tests. What were the tests and how do you feel you did?
ZF: Yes, the fitness tests were interesting. A 40 yard dash, shuttle run, bounding (distance over five strides), a throw-in with a medicine ball and a vertical jump (one with hands on hips and one with use of arms). I felt good on the testing but my legs were tired due to the long run in the woods the day before. Today’s testing went well for me overall. Mal had taken the tests a few days earlier so he sat by and watched, preparing my next French “lesion” (see reference in Mal’s answer below), because the last lesson he gave included how to say “what’s up?” before every word I speak, including “what’s up French?” This is a saying Mal uses a lot!
RS: Good to know the French is coming along then. Sounds like Mal is a good teacher. You suffered a hamstring strain on the first night in the 10v10 match. How are you feeling now?
ZF: Yeah, my hamstring tightened up on me during my first training. I feel great now though. I mean, I could even go for another couple hour run in the forrest!
RS: Mal, you’ve played every day since you arrived. Most days you guys are going twice a day. How is your body holding up and how are you feeling?
Baboucarr (Mal) Jammeh: Yeah, it’s hard to train twice a day but I think this is their system and I love it because it is my wish to stay with the team here. So whatever they’re doing, I must do it and I will feel like it is good for me and I am loving it. I can say that my body is feeling good.
RS: You guys have participated in several different kinds of sessions over the last week or so. Tell us about some of them. Any particular sessions you liked or disliked?
Mal: Yeah, we do different kinds of sessions. We did fitness training the other day: 30 seconds running to 10 seconds running to 40 seconds running (with jogging rest in between). We went to the forest for a couple hours to run as well. We have trained indoors (8v8) and outdoor with technical work, 6v2, 8v8 games and crossing and finishing. I didn’t really like too much the running in the forest and in the trails. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but running is no problem for me.
RS: Yes, the forest running is interesting. Apparently is a part of a long standing tradition here at Auxerre. On another note, how’s the French going?
Mal: Ha Ha, yeah. My French is coming along good. I think I am even taking Zack for some French lesions during free time.

(Pictured above: Director of AJ Auxerre’s Youth Program, Francis De Taddeo, addresses the team at half time with Mal and Zack looking on.) 
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