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Safety Week: Tipping Goals


GoalPostSafetyWelcome to Rush Management and Safety Week. Rush is dedicating seven consecutive articles, one per day, to be posted on the web regarding Risk Management and Safety. This is article 4 of 7.

Tipping goals. Short and to the point, Every year there are tragedies on tipping goals because they just are not secured properly. There is not much to write here other then 1) take a moment and be sure that they are weighted down in the back; and, 2) Stop climbing on them!

Take a look at these stats ( ), just open the link and have a look. Did you notice that tipping goals is not just a result of wind, it’s kids climbing on them too. There are not monkey gyms! This is not just the coaches responsibility everyone can admonish our players (monkeys) regarding this topic. GOAL SAFETY.

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