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Togo Rush Increases its Level


Hard work pays off, and Togo Rush proves it day after day.  The Sub-Saharan African club is fighting against the economic and structural setbacks with an ongoing effort. Anyway, Togo Rush does not give up and the results are rewarding them. The Togolese club recently went to Ghana to scrimmage Ghana Rush and they tied in a really close game. Ramo Badohoun, Togo Rush Technical Director assets: “Both teams played with tremendous quality players. Ghana is one of the best youth programs in Africa and we were able to compete with them equally.”

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This January, Togo Rush is initiating its third year as a member of our family: “I believe in what Rush Soccer President Tim Schulz is doing to improve soccer and I try to perform it in Togo with the idea of giving something back to my people,” says Mr. Badohoun. The main objective of the Togolese club is to develop soccer players by teaching the discipline, the value, and the spirit of the game. Soccer means a lot to the Togolese players because it’s a way out since Togo has serious employment lacks.

Ramo Badohoun expresses his thoughtfulness for the support: “We are very grateful for Rush’s help not just for the materialistic part, but for the countless bridge that Rush provides beyond Togo.” The long term goal for the Togolese club is to have solid structures to support the soccer players and staff. Better training facilities, more soccer equipment and better transportation costs to allow the players to get to practices, and if possible,  an academy to host players.

The level of these Togolese players is improving within the last years and a short term goal is to place them into the local pro-league. “We have a lot of technically talented players that could make it professional. If they make it to United States or Europa, they would need some adapting time to do their best,” adds Mr. Badohoun.
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