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Rush Partner with French Football Federation


04.08.12 - fff logoRush Soccer is pleased to announce a ground-breaking and far-reaching agreement with Members of the French Football Federation. The agreement will bring together the organization responsible for the management and development of French Coaches (UNECATEF) and the 28 Rush Technical Directors, 2000 Coaches and 35000 players.

With this new relationship the Rush Organization will be able to draw from the resources and expertise of a Worldwide Recognized Organization that has produced some of the best coaches and players during the past twenty years. Rush believes in learning from others and providing the best available teaching curriculum to its coaches throug
hout its network. Teaming up with an organization that already went through this long educational process, ultimately producing World Cup-winning coaches and players, will provide invaluable help to the Members of the Rush Organization, developing a unique curriculum, that will impact Rush coaches of all levels.

The Plan calls for French Coaches to come and work locally with Rush Technical Directors and Coaches throughout the USA.  It will start this coming April 2012, with half a dozen members of the Unecatef, visiting with the three Rush Academy Clubs. The program will then be expanded later into the year to all Rush Clubs wishing to participate. A series of lectures and seminars will then be organized for Rush Technical Directors and Coaches at the French Technical Center in Clairefontaine nearby Paris.
04.09.12 - fff announcement

(Click here for a statement from François Blaquart, Technical Director of French Football Federation and Mr. Joel Muller, President of UNECATEF)

Such an agreement reflects the complementary aspirations of the two organizations.
On one hand, the French Organization wishes to promote its "savoir-faire" and expertise in one part of the world where it might not be as recognized as it may be in Europe, Asia and Africa. On the other hand, Rush Soccer wishes to strengthen its coaching education and player development, learning from the experience of others and spreading this acquired knowledge throughout its network.

Commenting on the agreement, Jérôme de Bontin - Chairman of Rush Soccer, said the following: "Rush Soccer believes in embracing all aspects of the game of soccer. The Organization has clubs that compete at the highest level of the US Soccer Academy programs. It also comprises a majority of Clubs focusing on Grass Root Soccer, providing a lasting and fun experience to young players, boys and girls, of all ages. Two themes that are common to all our clubs is "player development" and the recognition that player development's first requirement is "coach development". Better coaches will produce better players. One of the Rush Board of Director's responsibilities is to help its coaches improve, and to provide them with the best resources to achieve that goal.  I believe that this Agreement will provide the very best resources to our coaching staff and will help us reach our goals faster."

Tim Schulz - President and Founder of Rush Soccer sharing the same enthusiasm and added about the Agreement: “The is a very good step for Rush Soccer.  I was a fan of the French Football Federation’s long-term vision and infrastructure.  I think it is the best in the world. It will be nice to tap into their history and expertise.  To date, this is without a doubt the best partnership we have had since the inception of the Club’s forming.”

Please click here for a PDF of the full press release.

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