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MAP parentsCommunication is key. But what kind of communication is key?

Communication comes in many forms - some verbal some nonverbal. I read this recent stat that up to 93% of our message is conveyed through nonverbal behavior?  That is quite a lot when you think about it in terms of 1) how many words we must waste or 2) just how powerful and long lasting our actions - whether we know we are doing them or not – are!

In my book “Potentialing your child in soccer” I talk about nonverbal behavior. I have included an excerpt here.   In the excerpt I talk about what nonverbal communication is as well as provide a few examples of things to do/think about. I hope they are helpful…and as always email me with any questions or comments at …while I think what I wrote is helpful I also would like to add to it a bit using one of the ideas in the excerpt…body language.


Body language

Are you aware of your body language and what it might say to your child that is also an athlete? The impact of those slight little head shakes and hand gestures in frustration?... Or what about the head nods in appreciation or claps when they fall down.

I must say – in time I have become keenly aware of the impact of body language on kids in youth sports – by research but more by anecdotal evidence. I am also a soccer parent and sometimes I catch myself reacting much differently than I probably should. I think most of the times I catch myself….but sometimes not

I could write some things here but quite honestly a quick search of the web yields some awesome results of body language and the impact this it has – both on the person viewing the body language and on the person that is actually doing/engaging in the body language

Check these out and take what you like. Again the goal of these is to educate and inform…if ever you have any questions please let me know…enjoy




  • This is a video from Amy Cuddy - a body language researcher from Harvard. The video is entitled “Your body language shapes who you are”. It is a great piece about the impact that body language has on our behaviors and minds…its remarkable.


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