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MAP PlayersCommunication - What does it mean to communicate?

This month we are going to talk about communication - specifically nonverbal communication and body language.

The way you look and act and react can tell a lot to somebody – even if you didn’t mean to convey what your are conveying. So what is body language? What does it say and how does it say it? And most importantly…what can you do about it?

Here is a PowerPoint that I put together to get you to learn about and think about your body language – what it is and how to make the most of it to be a great player. Check it out. Or if you like simply click through some of these articles to get you to examine professional athletes body language and what it may mean,



  • In this article Tom Brady (NFL quarterback) talks about a poor game he has had and his body language in that game.   What is he saying?   What is he saying about himself…especially around some of the younger players?


  • This is an awesome article about the US vs Mexico Worlc Cup qualifying game in September 2013. The article mentions the fact that Mexico had lost its past 3 qualifying games 2-0 in Columbus (where this game took place). It was shaping up to be one of those nights again and the USA sensed it. What is the article saying about body language? Is it true? Does it matter if its true…or just that the Americans sensed it to be true…which can feed their belief?


  • This final article is about Wayne Rooney and his recent transfer saga in which many teams were trying to buy him form Manchester Unite. The rumor was that Wayne wanted out of Manchester...and his body language in games showed it.   What is the article saying about his body language? Is it true?...Again, does it matter if its true?...or does it say something to his teammates either way?
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