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U15 Rush Select Girls preparing for Germany/Holland Trip in mid August  ***  2 Rush Boys Headed to Train at Real Madrid!

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Why partner with Rush Soccer?

First and foremost: our philosophy and core values. We as community leaders live by our core values, both on and off the field. More than words, they are our mantra: respect, passion, safety, leadership, tenacity, humility, advice, unity, accountability, empathy, and enjoyment. We continually conduct ourselves in a way that aligns with these values, and we encourage our players and parents to do the same. We lead by example and this is contagious. “The Rush Way” encompasses these values and is something players and coaches alike are proud to represent.

Our players see improvement. We focus heavily on coaching education, which equates to better player development. We offer a plethora of resources for coaches to learn from, including articles, manuals, social interaction, ROLL (coming soon), international trips, seminars, and the members area of our website. Our yearly Summit, Festival and Select trips offer coaches the chance to learn from one another and hone their skills to the Rush Way of coaching. Again, players see results because of this advanced level of instruction. Three clubs were invited to both ECNL and Academy since becoming a part of Rush Soccer.

Our partnerships: We negotiate on behalf of over 35 thousand members to receive the best benefits with industry leading companies like adidas,, NY Red Bulls, and now Chevrolet. Clubs would not receive these benefits without our negotiating power. Sure, any club can put on an adidas uniform and order it from, but without being a part of Rush Soccer they do not receive our price points or level of service.

Our programs: Select, Festival, guest playing, international program, REACH, Cap, Thunder, ROLL… Not all of our programs are available to every age, every player, or every club, but it is something we are working on and we want all programs to be offered to each club, as they are solid and proven to be highly beneficial.

Our massive numbers: None of what we offer would be as valuable as it is without the fact that we are the largest youth soccer club in the world. Companies want to do business with us because we have volume. We make headlines and attract the attention of recruiters because we have so much going on nationwide. Players feel honored and special when their recognition spans 27+ states and 19+ countries. It really does wonders for their sense of worth and accomplishment, and let's face it - every player deserves to be in the spotlight at some point!

Lastly, our love for what we do: Rush Soccer is a family. Our coaches, staff, players and parents all love the beautiful game. As a family we are united and we love what we belong to, our purpose and progress and results are all important and defined. Our premise has always been to develop quality youth from the ground up with soccer as our conduit. We live for the game.

There is a reason Rush Soccer keeps expanding – people are taking notice of the great things we are doing, and they want to be a part of what will someday be the best soccer club in the world. No matter how long it takes, that is our ultimate goal!

Below you will find a listing and explanations of why so many clubs have made the decision to become part of the Rush Soccer family.

SPI 115 07 - Rush Expansion
SPI 115 10 - Organizational Overview
SPI 115 38 - Business Objectives
SPI 115 39 - Business Objectives (condensed version)
SPI 600 49 - Club Pyramid 

Rush Partnership Benefits

Business:  You are a partner with over 33,000 membership base.  The Rush has a business plan and moving rapidly to achieve its goals.  Our goal is to become one of the top recognized brands in the soccer world. .  Each partner contributes and assists in achieving this goal.  

Employee Incentives:  Rush Soccer (S.P.I.) has established a formula, “50/25/25”, applied to its annual budget.  The first 50% of the annual budget net income is allocated to Rush operations.  The next 25% of the annual budget net income will allocated to a specific(s) project the Technical Directors vote on each year to benefit all of its partners.  The last 25% of the annual budget net annual income will be allocated to an Employee Incentive plan to all of its partners.  

Eurosport:  Eurosport is the exclusive uniform supplier of Rush Soccer.  Through Eurosport, Rush Soccer has established official uniform kits for boys competitive, girls competitive and developmental/recreational teams.  Rush Soccer requests that all Rush clubs utilize these official kits for their soccer programs; please notify Rush Soccer if your club intends to use a kit other than an official Rush Soccer kit.  Rush Soccer has negotiated discount pricing for each of its official kits, and all Rush clubs can expect the same pricing nationwide on official kits.  Rush Soccer kit pricing also includes a percentage rebate back to Rush Soccer; rebates are not earned on non-official Rush kits.

FTP Access:  Rush Soccer maintains an electronic library of technical and administrative manuals that your club may access and utilize.  Access to these files is via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to a Rush Soccer server.

adidas:  adidas is the exclusive apparel and equipment manufacturer of Rush Soccer.  As a Rush Soccer partner club, your organization will automatically enjoy promotional and sponsorship support from adidas through a master agreement with Rush Soccer, pending qualification based on certain criteria.  

Logos:  As a Rush partner club, your organization enjoys a license to use trademarked Rush Soccer logos, names and brandmarks. Under this license, your organization is obligated to adhere to the Rush Soccer brandmark policies and guidelines and to use only authorized artwork.

Uniform Kits:  A requirement through Eurosport and adidas, Rush Soccer establishes official uniform kits and negotiates discount pricing for all of our partner clubs.  Rush Soccer’s goal is to promote consistency of brand and to promote inter-club team formation and guest player exchange by establishing standardized nationwide uniform kits.  Current official uniform kits and purchases earn a cash rebate to Rush Soccer.  In Addition, all members can receive a $20.00 rebate (click here)for turning in their old kit in a program called R.E.A.C.H. (Rush Equipment Assisting Children) . Click here for more infomormation on the Rush custom uniform kit.

Gotsoccer:  Rush Soccer currently has on line registration through Gotsoccer as their preferred online registration and technology provider of Rush Soccer.  Through both volume discounting and a program of cash & in-kind subsidies, Rush Soccer is pleased to offer this service to its partner clubs.   

Guest Playing:  The Rush have placed hundreds of players on partner Rush teams.  Teams that are short on players, now have opportunity to select players from dozens of Rush Clubs across the country.  Conversely, players that might not have the opportunity to travel with their own club or team can now reach out and request to be placed on a Rush Team.

Select Teams: With the evolution of the Tournaments and the freedom of Roster changes, Rush has formed dozens of Select Teams to participate in tournaments.  Players now can play with like minded passions and abilities.

Playerocity:  The Rush Web site is one of kind.  Rush partners can now enjoy the state of art, informative, interactive web bringing our membership, coaches and staff closer.

For more information on joining the Rush, please contact Tim Schulz, President & C.E.O.
(  - 303.638.5672).

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