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The 5C’s Evaluation allows players and coaches to complete an evaluation across each of the 5C’s to uncover current strengths and areas for improvement.

Players and coaches - welcome to your M.A.P. 5C’S EVALUATION section - Our goal is to help you reach your destination by helping you discover which 5C areas might be best for you to focus on

5C’s Evaluation. This is a revolutionary evaluation tool that originated from an extensive research project that was carried out within English Premier League soccer in 2001. The purpose of the evaluation is to improve the self-awareness of those completing it, and identify clear personal strengths and areas for development, in each area of the 5C's, whilst also providing an individual profile specific to each player.

Both players and coaches can gain access to and complete this easy to use evaluation, ideally together but also separately. This knowledge can then help the player to develop and perform in both their soccer and life contexts. The fluctuating nature of the 5C's as players move through different levels of soccer, different stages of their lives, and different soccer playing experiences, and the monitoring ability that the survey website provides in tracking improvements, tracking peaks and troughs, and providing continuous self awareness to the player of 'where they are at' at any given time, means that the player should use this tool to continually reassess themselves throughout their soccer playing lives.

This survey will be available for the very small fee of $15 per player per year.

How it works. (Coming Soon)

  1. Click on the link provided 
  2. Complete the evaluation
  3. Following completion of the evaluation, and after obtaining the results, players (and coaches) will be able to use the resources and storage capacity of the PDP to monitor their progress and development as players and people, through an online profile.
  4. Once the player (and/or coach) receives the results they can also create some action points to facilitate their development in the areas of the 5 C’s that the survey has highlighted for attention.
  5. To help with this, the players and coaches should access the articles, web links and other M.A.P. services whilst participating in the PDP.

ALSO – if the athlete or coach believes they would like one-on-one assistance they can visit our PDP page for services offered through Rush 

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