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Coaches MAP - September


MAP CoachesCommunication is key. But what kind of communication is key?

Communication comes in many forms - some verbal some nonverbal. I heard this recent stat that up to 93% of our message is conveyed through nonverbal behavior?  That is quite a lot when you think about it in terms of 1) how many words we must waste or 2) just how powerful and long lasting our actions - whether we know we are doing them or not – are!

This month we will explore the impact of nonverbal communication - specifically body language. I have included a PowerPoint with some articles and ideas about the impact of body language on - not only athletes but us as well.

Check out the PowerPoint for some ideas or just click on the links below and enjoy. Whatever you do as always, if you have any questions or thoughts don’t hesitate to email me

  • Communication - Body Language PowerPoint link here 
  • Here is the article on Wayne Rooney’s body language during his much publicized transfer saga. Do you agree with their assessment? Do you have your own thoughts about his demeanor during portions of this transfer saga? I give a few pointers in the ppt for ways to look at this body language.
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