B16 Rush Select - Real Madrid Training Camp

09.30.13 - Rush Select at Madrid1Saturday morning saw the B16 Rush Select team touch down in Madrid, Spain for the start of the 10 day Real Madrid training program.  Some of the best U15 and U16 boys in Rush from states including HI, TN, CO, NE, TX and NM joined together with coaches Arian Hoxha and Nik Penn to train and play at one of the world’s top soccer facilities.

Arriving in the morning in Spain, the boys settled into the hotel before going out for a light practice on one of the local turf fields to get some of the soreness out after a transatlantic flight.  The trip then shifted in to top gear straight away with the boys going to the Santiago Burnabeu , home of Real Madrid to join 90,000 other fans to take in the Madrid Derby against Atletico Madrid.   The game ended in disappointment for most of the fans in attendance with Atletico winning 1-0.

09.30.13 - Rush Select at Madrid3 09.30.13 - Rush Select at Madrid4

09.30.13 - Rush Select at Madrid2The next morning the boys traveled to the Ciudad Real Madrid for their first two training sessions with the Real staff.  In between they were welcomed with lunch at the Academy café and watch the Real Madrid Academy team in action.

Tomorrow holds the first game of the trip with a night game vs. the academy team of Rayo Vallecano of La Liga.  The boys will train again with the Real Madrid staff in the morning in preparation for the game.

The 10 day, heavily funded trip, is part of the adidas International Training Program and another benefit of the adidas Rush partnership.  Stay tuned for more updates.