So Cal Rush Shows Support For Gabbi Miranda

09.27.14 - Gabbi Miranda 1Talking with our U12 girl’s team, many of them informed me that they would like to play at the collegiate level. Excited to hear that, I have asked them if they know what it takes to get there. Many provided various insights on the subject. I told them that they need to watch elite players in action in order to see the privilege of being a student athlete at a higher institution. Knowing that UCLA is the defending NCAA champion, in addition to having one of our Rush Nation’s former players in UCLA’s squad, presented a perfect opportunity to give these young girls a memorable and enriching experience while hoping that it will inspire enough to emulate the passion it takes to go above and beyond. 

09.27.14 - Gabbi Miranda 2After cheering on UCLA and Gabbi Miranda (CO Rush) for a wonderful 4-1 win over LMU, many Rush players went to get autographs from the team and took pictures with our very own former Rush player.  Miranda was really happy to see all the Rush girls.  As she was signing one of  the So Cal Rush girl’s jersey, Miranda said to her, “ I played for Rush.”  Some of the girls and parents who didn’t know about her were excited and started taking pictures of her. Miranda was kind enough to step away from her teammates to take pictures with our girls.

Seeing SoCal Rush in the stands was such an inspiration for me and I am honored to be able to represent the Rush everywhere I go, no matter what jersey I'm wearing'" commented Miranda. "I am so proud to be a Rush alumni and I hope that the current Rush youth understand how important their dedication to development, their love for the sport and their willingness to be united with the rest of the Rush family is."

I have promised Miranda that for her remaining collegiate years, she can count on us to come cheer her on more often, even bringing signs to make her experience more special than it already is. Go Rush!

-submitted by So Cal Rush Director of Coaching Ramo Badohoun