Hawaii Rush Streams First Ever 'CAP' Meeting

10.14.13 - hawaiirushplayersOn Saturday Oct 12th, Hawaii Rush sent potential college bound players through Rush Soccer's first ever streamed video broadcast College Advisory Program (CAP) meeting.

Running separate sessions throughout the day, players and their parents visited the Hawaii Rush office in staggered groups where they were directed by Steve Whitehouse of Hawaii Rush and Dakota Robinson of Playerocity in discussion and viewing of the online streamed video production including Michael Gabb (National Director of College Advisory Program) offering a step by step guide of the college recruiting process.  Each of the players had Rush CAP and Junior Packet workbooks to follow along.  Following the streamed discussion by Coach Gabb, was a Playerocity tutorial enabling each of the players to create their individual player profiles, upload their photos, and learn how to reach out directly to recruiting college coaches.

"Steve Whitehouse really liked the video, was very pleased with the content and was happy when I told him the video would be available on rushsoccer.com. He said the content was good and he also liked the CAP workbook and the Junior Packet," said Dakota after the event. She continued, "The video definitely made the players realize the importance of looking at colleges, talking to college coaches and that their GPA in high school and in college is incredibly important."

Coach Sean Richardson of Hawaii Rush was there for the last group and he liked the video as well.  He said that the video had so much good content and hopes that the players were able to grasp it all, and said that the biggest problem with players in Hawaii is that they rarely get seen by college coaches nor do they get to visit schools of interest so they don't really know what is out there."

This event would not have been possible without the dedication and help of Steve Whitehouse and Coach Richardson of Hawaii Rush, Michael Gabb of Rush Soccer, Dakota Robinson of Playerocity, Chris Wing of SportsView for the video production, and all the attending players and parents for participating and helping this event to be successful!

The streaming video will be available soon from the rushsoccer.com website, for any of those needing help with their college recruiting needs.