Instructions - Import Articles

Instructions - Import Articles

instructions import articles

Step 1

Login to the administration panel of your new website to import articles.  If you have not exported articles from your previous website, please skip to step 4 first.

Step 2

From the top horizontal navigation menu scroll over "Website Utilities" and click on "Import Articles".

navigation import articles

Step 3

You will find at the top of the page a button that reads "Import Articles".  Click this button to import an XML file of articles that were exported from your previous Rush website. (instructions below - step 4).  All images and article categories will be imported.

Note: The articles that are imported are not archived.  It is suggested that after importing you select all articles and click the "archive" button at top.  That will make all the articles available from the archived articles link which is found at the bottom of each of the website pages.

Step 4

In order to import articles to the new website you must export articles from your old website first.  Login to the administration panel of your old website.

Step 5

Visit the Article Manager area and you will see all articles in your old website.  Put a checkmark next to those articles you want to export.

Step 6

Toward the top of the page find the button that reads "Export".  Click it.  This will create an XML file and offer you to download to your computer.  Download and save it in a location you will remember.

Step 7

Use Step 1 through Step 3 above to import the articles to the new website.