Rush in Honduras

2012 03.02 - Rush Partners with Central America Country Honduras. 2012 01.12 - central america

“The Foundation Elmer Marin is the next latino non-profit soccer club to partner with Rush Soccer,” says Jair Vasquez, Rush Technical Director, South America. “It was the initiative of Elmer Marin, a former professional soccer player in Honduras. He had a dream of creating this club for a long time. Since then, he had the opportunity to go to Houston, Texas to learn about methodologies of soccer in USA. This is where he met up our Texas Rush Partners, Juan Pele Martinez and Oscar Cruz.”

On November 3rd Tim Schulz, Rush President & CEO and Jair Vaquez initially accepted to support this partnership. Jair vasquez believes that the kids in Honduras have a lot of potential and talent and that the partnership could aid in there player development. 

Jair continues, “I’m very excited to support Elmer because he showed me that soccer is his passion and he wants the best for the kids in his country. He exemplifies the Rush Core Values.”honduras

The expansion into Honduras makes this our 4th partner in Central and South America and 20th overall international partner. The partnerships are unique from country to country but all partnerships around the world share in a Rush Way philosophy and methodology, networking with other Rush Clubs, player exchange opportunities, playing opportunities and a shared web site.

Welcome Honduras Rush!