The Rush Way in the Caribbean

bahamas-flagThe Rush brand keeps growing internationally and one of our latest destinations is the Caribbean. Rush Soccer is committed to partner with the Bahamian organization Y.E.S.I (Youth Empowerment through Sport International) with the main objective of bringing the passion for soccer to the Caribbean children.

The Bahamas is the first step of an ambitious project which wants to spread soccer across the Caribbean. Possibilities are endless and other Caribbean countries like Haiti, Trinidad, Aruba, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic could be joining Rush Soccer in the future. Brian Lux is going to lead this project as the Caribbean Technical Director.

Lux has a large international experience with Rush: Brian has participated in a coaching exchange in Cameroon, has attended the last Coaching Education Trip in France and Holland, and traveled to Bahamas to set up the partnership with Y.E.S.I.

“I am very excited about our expansion to the Caribbean and my new position in Rush Soccer. It’s a great opportunity to help grow our club and I will try to add as many islands in the Caribbean as possible to the list,” ensures TD Caribbean Brian Lux.

The project has already started since Bahamas Rush set up soccer programs in a local school and an after school program in another local private school. Brian Lux and Y.E.S.I Director, Happy Hall have visited an island named Cat Island to initiate an exciting program with several schools. “The island has 1500 inhabitants and around 400 of them are children, so there is huge room for growth,” assets TD Caribbean Brian Lux.

Rush Bahamas

Bahamas Rush is the first step to spread the Rush Way in the Caribbean and they are already doing great things. “The ultimate goal of the position of TD Caribbean is to spread the Rush Way to every island possible to develop clubs Rush partner with to their highest level, and to give kids from the Caribbean opportunities to play with our domestic branches,” recognizes Brian Lux.

Good luck in this new venture in the Caribbean!