US Navy Delivers Rush Gear to Africa

For over a year now Rush Soccer has been working diligently to get the R.E.A.C.H. (RUSH Equipment Assisting Children) program more operational.  With our partnership and the efforts from the U.S. Navy called Operation Handclasp, we are moving full steam ahead.  The Rush has been delivering 1,000’s of pieces of equipment to our Rush Partners overseas.
09.12.11 -_senegal_reach_209.04.11    Dakar, Senegal where the U.S. Navy ported with one of the fastest ships in the world call SWIFT (At right).  SWIFT made its rounds to Ghana before docking in Dakar to deliver a much needed assortment of soccer equipment.  
09.11.11  Distribution of a portion of the equipment to the players, teams and staff.  Tassirou Diallo is the Technical Director of Senegal Rush “On behalf of the players, we are very grateful to all of the Rush players in United States.“ Tim Schulz, President of Rush Soccer said, “I was very fortunate to be in Senegal when the Navy was here.  The operations are of course first class and everyone was extremely supportive.  Thank you to the U.S. Navy and all the officers of SWIFT.”

09.12.11 -_senegal_reach_1 09.12.11 -_senegal_reach_4
09.12.11 -_senegal_reach_5 09.12.11 -_senegal_reach_3