Rush M.A.P September - Communication

MAP Players

This month the M.A.P. explores the world of communication.  Communication comes in many forms - some verbal, some nonverbal.  This month we are investigating nonverbal communication - specifically body language.

There is a recent stat out that up to 93% of our message is conveyed through nonverbal behavior?   That is quite a lot when you think about it in terms of 1) how many words we must waste or 2) just how powerful and long lasting our actions (whether we know we are doing them or not) are!

In each section (parents, coaches, players) we take a different look at body language and the impact that it has - not only on other people but also on ourselves!  Please click through and explore the various ideas and suggestions.  As always if anyone has questions please feel free to contact Rush M.A.P. Director Lee Hancock.  Enjoy.

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