Rush & FESA working together for El Salvador

The alliance between FESA and Rush Soccer has been positive for both organizations so far. The Salvadoran foundation has provided five players to the Rush Soccer Academies through the USSDA International Exchange Program. The Central American players are competing for Texas Rush, where they are showing their soccer skills and talent.

11.02.12 - Bushey and FESA boys

Soccer is the main sport in El Salvador and the Central American country is providing youth soccer players to the best leagues around the world. Their best Salvadoran player ever is Jorge “Mágico” González, remembered in Cádiz (Spain) as a legend. Nowadays, El Salvador is working hard to establish a solid base in their youth system and it’s mostly thanks to FESA.

The “Fundación Educando a un Salvadoreño” (FESA) is developing their Integral Soccer Player Program for four years with excellent results. Some of their U-18 players are competing in important clubs such as Sevilla F.C (Spain), Pachuca CF (México), and Houston Dynamo (U.S.A). The objective of FESA isn’t just creating talented players, but develops their education and values as well, a common philosophy with Rush Soccer.

The connection between Rush Soccer and FESA is active and constant and both organizations visited both countries to share their knowledge and learn from each other. “We want to be able to help more FESA players to play in Rush Soccer academies so they can help Rush teams, learn English and obtain College scholarships. Our idea is to grow the opportunities our players can have by traveling to the United States so they can fly on their own in the future,” ensures Jorge Bahaia, President of FESA.

There is a lot of work to do in El Salvador to develop opportunities for their talented players and both organizations are bringing hope to the Salvadoran soccer. Besides the human effort, gear is another necessity for the Central American organization: “Soccer gear and material would help our soccer academies because the area where they are doesn’t receive much support from the community,” adds Jorge Bahaia.

FESA is well known in El Salvador because it has accomplished many children’s dream, bringing  them the opportunity to make a professional career in soccer. The Salvadoran organization is noted internationally as well, by conquering important cups around Latin America such as Copa FESA México, Copa de la Amistad in Perú, and Copa Menedy in Guatemala. Even “Mágico” Gonzalez, national soccer legend has recognized: “FESA is doing a great job so far, they just need to keep working and be patient.”