Rush: The Biggest Youth Club in the World

rush-news-2Rush nation, check out the great article about Rush Soccer that was posted on yesterday.

Here is an excerpt from J.R. Eskilson's piece:

The most expansive youth soccer club in the world is based in Colorado.

Rush Soccer has gone from a quaint local club to a global brand in just under a decade. With expansion into new countries nearly every month, Rush Soccer is at an endless supply of players in hopes of discovering talent all over the world.

“There are great players in every nook and cranny,” Rush Soccer CEO Tim Schulz told earlier this year.

With 28 domestic clubs, 19 international clubs, and over 35,000 players all together, Rush Soccer claims the title as the ‘the largest youth soccer club in the world.’

It started in 2003 with just the Colorado club. One year later, the player pool doubled with the addition of Virginia Rush, and Rush Soccer expanded across the country rapidly.

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