From the islands to Real Madrid

05.09.14 - Bahamas 1If one had to choose a global capital for soccer, Madrid would surely be towards the top of the list. Like Milano, Munich or Manchester, this is one soccer city where dreams are made. From Atletico to Rayo Vallecano, passing by Getafe, so many famous names attached to the spanish capital, but few compare to one of the most prestigious soccer institutions in the world, Real Madrid. It is with this futbol giant that the U-14 boys from Yesi Bahamas Rush soccer recently visited.

During their nine day stay, the young players from Bahamas were able to sight see around Madrid and learn more about the spanish soccer culture. The schedule included: training with madrista coaches, games against young local teams, and visits of the various facilities of « la Casa Blanca ». They even had the opportunity of attending two semi-finals of the UEFA Champion's League in the same city (Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea and Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich) and to watch a La Liga game (Real Madrid vs. Osasuna) in the cathedral of soccer in Madrid : Santiago Barnabeu.

05.09.14 - Bahamas 2 05.09.14 - Bahamas 3

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will never be forgotten by the young players. They come back home with a new understanding of the game, but also have some tasks to work on to progress : communication, speed and movement are the keys of the soccer they discovered in Madrid, and now that they've tasted the top level, the Yesi players will work hard to get there!

Thousand miles from home, the young Yesi players have learned a lot about soccer but about life too. And, in a certain way, it is the purpose of soccer : to be a global language and a global culture for everyone.