2017 Rush Fest Announced

Fest 17 Lead Image

The 11th annual Rush Fest has been announced and will be hosted in Colorado Springs at the El Pomar Sports Complex July 9-14, 2017. All Rush players born in 2005 are welcome to attend and registration is now open. The yearly celebration of all things Rush Soccer consists of games, training, classroom sessions and social events for the players, coaching and parent education for the adults, and tons of fun for all!

The event begins with an Opening Ceremony that features a DJ, Guest Speakers, Video of Rush highlights and tons and tons of Rush Cheers! Guests to the event have included MLS Pros like Kei Kamara, Guest Speakers like John O'Sullivan, author of Changing the Game Project, and Rush Alumni like USWNT Star Lindsey Horan.

Gatorade will be providing hydration stations for all players and coaches and adidas and soccer.com come every year to show off the coolest new gear and let the kids even 'test drive' the newest adidas boots!

We hope to see you all in July 2017!
Fest Registration



I Am Rush

The I Am Rush Program recognizes outstanding players from around Rush Soccer Nation who live out the Rush Core Values. More than just a recognition of soccer achievements, the I Am Rush Program recognizes the entire individual.

Previous honorees:

Mia Lead Keith Johnson 100 caps
Mia White - Colorado Rush Keith 'Muck' Johnson - Texas Rush


Do you know an exceptional individual playing for the Rush? Nominate them to "I Am Rush" below so Rush Soccer can recognize the individuals who most embody the Rush Core Values as players and as people.





Partnership Rebate Chart

Being part of Rush Soccer gives the opportunity to take advantage of some great partnerships that we have with National Sponsors. Rush Soccer negotiates the contracts on behalf of the domestic Rush Clubs to not only give great services and pricing but also the opportunity for rebates back to the club. Although the participation is not mandatory we highly encourage all clubs to take advantage of the programs with the understanding that in isolated situations the program is not the best fit for a club. Participation in these programs do become part of the Rush Club Levels Program as they progress. Below you will find the amount of money each club has received through the individual rebate programs during 2016 thus far. The table is updated quarterly to reflect the most current information. Please click on the tabs at the top of the chart to learn more about each program and see rebate tracking from the 2014 and 2015 calendar years. If you have any questions on the partnership programs please contact dstreufert@rushsoccer.com.






AL      $144.88  $6,191.07  
AK      $273.97 $8,352.70   
AR      $157.60 $13,661.34   
CA-LA         $10,627.85  
CARO         $14,093.91  
CHI        $8,800  
CO      $515.69  $46,251.22  
CT         $24,430.96  
DAL         $5,541.23  
    $93.82  $28,075.48  
    $957.93  $33,221.89  
    $111.94  $23,775.58  
    $32.64  $18,760.11  
KS        $20,087.21  
KS-W        $14,100  
     $346.56  $18,619.13  
     $257.50 $53,679.51   
    $1,353.04 $26,224.57   
     $19.76 $15,672.36  
PHX     $54.80 $13,888.25   
PP       $21,570.51   
RI       $6,948.09  
SoCal       $10,597.89   
SWVA       $6,948.09   
Taos       $4,798.20   
TN       $34,990.30   
TX       $61,058.05   
VA       $28,409.84   
WA       $28,070.33   
WI     $174.84 $12,774.98   
    $103.20 $7,441   




Rush National Sponsors & Partners

Rush Soccer is proud to be partnered with a group of great companies.  We are sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the world & have partnerships with top companies in their respective fields that provide our clubs with lower rates and kickbacks.  Contact the Program Administrator for further details on that specific sponsorship/partnership.  Refer to the Partnership Rebate Chart to view clubs' savings.





Rush Soccer's official uniform provider.

Program Administrator: Ariel Passarelli


Rush Soccer's official uniform retailer.

Program Administrator: Ariel Passarelli





Rush Soccer's official automobile partner & front jersey sponsor.

Program Administrator: Ariel Passarelli


Wilson Trophy

Rush Soccer's official trophy & awards partner.  Clubs receive an 8% kickback.

Program Administrator: Ariel Passarelli





Rush Soccer's official tournament & travel housing parter.  Clubs receive a kickback on room bookings.

Program Administrator: Holly Schulz



Rush Soccer's official car & van rental partner.

Program Administrator: Holly Schulz

Avis Budget Logo




Rush Soccer's official 'R' logo provider.

Program Administrator: Ariel Passarelli



Rush Soccer's official 'sports drink provider for national events.

Program Administrator: Ariel Passarelli

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Western Canada Bio Page

  1. Western Canada Rush Soccer Academy (WC RUSH) is an youth soccer academy on Vancouver Island based in the City of Nanaimo, BC.

    The youth academy is designed to provide professionally led, inclusive, and affordable training that results in players developing skills, self-confidence, and leadership through age-oriented activities. The program is designed to supplement current regular season club structures and operate under the principles of CSA/BC Soccer’s Long Term Player Development program. Western Canada Rush Soccer Academy is a Limited Associate Member with BC Soccer, the provincial governing body for the Canadian Soccer Association. 

    Our goal as an academy is to focus on the 4 Corner Development Model to allow players to reach their full potential. The model outlines the four areas (technical, tactical, physical, and psycho-social) critical to a young player’s progress in the game. Through carefully designed drills, activities, and small- sided games, the WC RUSH Soccer Academy curriculum will aim to develop players in a fun environment, without the ‘win at all costs’ mentality or fear of failure. !

    WC Rush is an affiliated member of RUSH Canada and Rush Soccer. The co-operative network represents over 40,000 youth soccer players worldwide, which enables Rush Soccer to utilize personnel, technical, and intellectual property exchanges to create efficiencies through various economies of scale. 

  2. Please contact Jazz Sohal with any questions: 250-739-3500


Uganda Rush Bio Page

Uganda Rush

Uganda Rush located in Rubaga, Uganda. Headed up by Tumusime Vicent coaches boys and girls players from 6 to 25.  To learn more about their program check out their Facebook page : cysprush.


Rwanda Rush Bio Page

Rwanda Rush

Rwanda Rush is located in Kigali, Rwanda. Headed up by Kayisire Jacques coaches 160 boys and girls players from 4 to 20.  To learn more about their program check out their Facebook Page : “Dream Team Football Academy in Rwanda”.


Trinidad Rush Bio Page

Trinidad Rush

Trinidad Rush is located in Trinidad & Tobago. Headed up by Caleb de Suza coaches 150 boys and girls players from 4 to 17.  To learn more about their program check out their Facebook page : Football IQ Academy.


Honduras Rush Bio Page

Honduras Rush

Honduras Rush is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Headed up by Elmer Marin coaches 100 boys and girls players from 4 to 20.  To learn more about their program check out www.honduras_local.rushsoccer.com or visit their Facebook page: Elmer Marin Rush Soccer Club Tegucigalpa.


Hong Kong Rush Bio Page

Hong Kong Rush


Hong Kong Rush is located in Hong Kong, China.  Headed up by Steve wang coaches both boys and girls.



Sierra Leone Rush Bio Page

Sierra Leone Rush
Sierra Rush is located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Headed up by Abdul Sesay coaches boys and girls players from 10 to 18.


Western Canada Bio Page

Canada Rush

Western Canada Rush is located in Nanaimo, Canada. Headed up by Jazz Sohal coaches 50 boys and girls players from 9 to 12.


Zambia Rush Bio Page

Zambia Rush
Zambia Rush located in Chililabombwe, Zambia.  Headed up by Thijesko Sahmpongo coaches 500 boys and girls players from 10 to 17.


Merida Rush Bio Page

Merida Rush

Mérida Rush located in Mérida, Mexico. Headed up by Giancarlo Salazar Mejia coaches 300 boys and girls players 4 to 16.  To learn more about their program check out www.meridarush.com.mx or visit their facebook page: Mérida RUSH Soccer Club.


Job Postings

There are currently no job openings being advertised.


Rush Coaching Education Archive

August 2016

The start of the Fall season brings an opportunity for Coaches and Parents to remind themselves about the importance of the game for their players/children. Some very useful, and interesting reads below:

For Coaches –

How Coaches Allocate Playing Time

Team Vs. Player Development In Youth Soccer

How To Teach Mental Strength In Youth Soccer

Don't "Joystick" Your Team

There Is No I In Team, But Maybe There Should Be

Tony DiCicco: Confidence From Coaches, Parents And Teammates

For Parents –

Kristine Lilly: Emotional Olympic Memory And Advice For Parents

Parents Should Be Teammates Of Each Other

Parents' Role In The Recruiting Process

Joy Fawcett: Parents, Let The Coaches Coach!

A Cautionary Tale: When Parental Sideline Behavior Causes Player Cuts

Julie Foudy On Playing Up

The #1 Priority For Youth Sports Parents

Dave Kaval: Failure Is An Opportunity

Parent Pledge



April 2016

The term "rondo" means round and round...or at least that is what I have been told! My first understanding of it was that it was just 5v2, but now that I have been around a bit longer, I have become just a slight bit wiser (debatable!) Rondo is a term to be used on a broader scale, I think.

Here are some sample exercises that we do at Colorado Rush. There are no secrets here. An exercise does not make the coach, and there is no one magic exercise that will develop a player or a team or a club. The coach is the one that does that. You are the one that does that. An exercise can spur an idea, however. This is the purpose in sharing---to spur an idea or a conversation.
Colorado Rush Rondo's

Work at your craft; enjoy your craft and let your players see your joy!


March 2016

Success is a choice. Do you believe that? It may depend on how you define success.  In this light, I challenge you to think of success as John Wooden did, found here.  Becoming the best you can become.

Have you thought about what success looks like (or better, what it is) for you in coaching? In directing? In leading? In relationship? In parenting?  Most of us read the other day that only law enforcement has a higher divorce rate than the coaching field.  I'm not sure if this is completely accurate or not, but nonetheless coaching likely ranks up there.  Why would that be? We do not put our lives on the line every day when we head out the door?  I'd argue that it is because our definition of success may be skewed in the wrong direction. It is likely shifted towards some form of result:
  • I need to win to keep my job.
  • I need to win to keep my players.
  • I need to get results to prove my worth.
  • I hate losing.
  • I love the high of winning and want my players to feel that too.
  • The more wins I have, the better the coach I am (or as likely, the better the coach others will see me as.)
  • The more players we produce that move on to college, national teams, pros, the better I am; the better our club is.
  • The more we win, the more players that will want to come to our club.
  • Etc...
I believe there is some truth in the above statements. Mostly because in my insecurities I have believed them and regularly still do!  How can these statements not be with the societal pressures that are applied? How not with our own internal pressures? Certainly, taking in one statement on its own can be at one level be seen as true and another level a bit absurd.
I have long said to and trained players to focus on performance; performance leads to sustained results.  In recent years, I have defined winning as performing and performing is preparing.  This is to get players to change their mindset (and serve as a strong reminder for me to do so as well!)  Focus on things that they can control.  I'd argue that coaches and directors must do the same.  Focus on things that we can control.  I'd also argue that the lasting rewards will be greater for doing so!
What is success?  
  • Performing your very best within the circumstances and challenges that are presented.  
  • Becoming the very best that you can be...and everyday is a day to become.  
Do not read these as clichés. Contemplate them.  If we are to live them and teach them, we will find reward.  I promise.  We will have taught players that success is in their control.  They have the power to effect change.  We will also have impacted ourselves and those closest to us.
When my last day on earth comes, if my wife reads "Sean won 2,345 games in his coaching career and gave his life to the game" I just don't think that is going to be a successful life.  Youth coaches: we are teaching life. Soccer is just a mechanism for doing so.  The most successful coaches, directors, programs and clubs will be the ones that do so.
What kind of coach, what kind of director, what kind of _____ do you want to be remembered as?  On your last day, what will they write?  Today, and each day, will define it.  Success is a choice.

February 2016


HAIL Directors!


Communicating. It is a skill. Any skill needs training if you want to become good at it.  And, as Vince Lombardi said, "Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."  In other words, just because we train doesn't mean we are getting better.  We have to train intentionally, a real purpose with what we are doing.  As it relates to communicating, just because we speak to a lot of people in many different kinds of settings, does not mean we are now good communicators.


Communicating does involve sending a message and receiving a message; communicating can also be done via the written word, non-verbally (body language) and such. This, however, is just about giving the message verbally.  


A couple of points from the video:

  • Silence: this is a tough one, but an important one. Listen to American soccer broadcasters; the color commentator is usually poor, especially on Bein!  The amount of "as well's" or "isn't it's" is awful.  For us, the "ums" have it. For teenagers, it is usually "like"…or at least it has been for my kids.  Figure out which "filler" is yours. Every time you say it, catch yourself. Soon, you will be able to replace it with silence instead.
  • Love: ironically, this is currently a sermon series at my church.  The pastor has defined love as: "willing the good of another", "working for the good of the other".  Love gives. Love serves. Love works.  Is this not the essence of youth coaching?!  We are here for players.  Think of our purpose. We are serving children.  Too many coaches serve themselves. This is why youth sport is failing in our country.  This is why the Positive Coaching Alliance came to fruition. This is why Changing the Game Project has gained such strong momentum.  We lack love of the people we serve.  In the context of this video, communicate with love--> wish them well. If this was the intent behind the messages we send, your message will be heard.
    • Your message needs to be heard! Whether we are leading a club, a division, a team, a family, a loved one, to grow together the other person needs to know that at the root of what you are saying, you want the very best for them—that you care.  As directors and as coaches, this has to be our intent. If not, we should move onto a different calling.

I write this message to me. This is not, nor are any of the messages meant for any one in particular.  It is for us all, I hope. It is not that I write that "I sure hope so and so reads this".  We all need this. Look at the video. It has 5 million views.  Communicating is a challenge.  Directing and coaching are challenges also. Striving to be better will get us where we need to go.

January 2016

Always hugsWell, it is snowing (here in Colorado)  so perhaps you have time for reading at some point today!  I'll let the message speak for itself, mostly; but of quick note:

  • Point #1: Chuck Daly is a pretty good leader to learn from
  • Point #2: When the blonde in the car next to you smiles at you, you now know why you feel good.
  • Point #9: I attached a photo from 2010-11 of Barcelona. I titled it as "Always Hugs". It was inevitable if I saw a group shot of Barca, guys were hugging and such.  We cannot go around hugging the girls that we coach but there is a way to appropriately connect--->real handshakes is one of them.

This author's book is being used by our U17WNT—The Energy Bus; he speaks with NFL teams, college football teams and businesses.


9 Ways to Be a Positive Communicator




Liberia Rush Bio Page

Liberia Rush Team PicAmbassadors Rush Football Club is presently in the 3rd division national league in Liberia and 3rd in there zone. Rufus is the competition on the team . We play our game at the Anthony  Tumba Stadium (ATS) this is a national stadium in which the national team play home game and also where the Liberia National League is playing. We participate in the league. We can host our tournament at different venue.


Melina at ODP National Training Camp

Melina H

Melina H from the Iowa Rush Girls State Championship U16 Team recently was invited to travel to Arizona to take part in the U.S. Soccer National Training Camp.  We are all very proud of Melina's hard work and recognition for being invited to train in this highly competitive environment.  Senior Girls Director and U16 Girls Head Coach Daryl Brazeau said "It is great to once again have an Iowa Rush player attend a National Training Camp.  Melina has worked very hard throughout her time at the Rush and she deserved this opportunity".  
Melina joins a growing list of Iowa Rush Players who have been invited to U.S. Soccer National Training Events, including Megan Fuller who went on to play at the Ohio State University, and Rachel McCloskey who currently plays at the University of Minnesota. 
See below to read about Melina's personal experiences at the U.S. Soccer ODP National Training Camp:
"As part of the US Soccer National Training Camp, I got to spend five days with about 80 girls from all over the U.S. in Phoenix, Arizona. We practiced in teams of 12-14, focusing on topics like transitioning and defensive shape. Each of the four teams was scrambled, meaning it included players from all four regions. We trained twice a day, and each training consisted of either regular practices with our scrambled teams, small-sided games, or full-field games. I think being on a very competitive team with Iowa Rush definitely prepared me for this event, and all in all, I had a great experience."


Dev. Con Calls



What are the Rush Developmental Conference Calls?




The aim of the calls is to enhance coach education, player development, provoke thought and provide players a variety of coaching methods and styles.  The calls are for coaches who want to be their best.  The world's best coaches are always learning.  The calls are for all coaches from developmental volunteers to travel coaches and Technical Directors.  

Guest speakers from around the world and experts in their field will share their knowledge along with best practices and the latest in coaching education and player development. The calls are scheduled at 10 am Mountain Time (12pm EST), the first Thursday of every month, times and dates may vary based on the availability of the guest speakers.  Click on the link below for information on upcoming calls and guests.


If using the dial in number please dial in Conference call number: 1 888 531 5388  Pin: 03406.  Please remember the conference call etiquette and mute your microphones and state your name before asking a question.  Below is a calendar of the calls, the ones in blue are to be confirmed.  


Click here for the 2016 Developmental Con Call Schedule

For more information please contact Chris Panayiotou.


NTD Con Calls

NTD Con Calls:  The National Technical Director will hold their club level calls on the third Thursday of every month.  Agendas will be sent out prior to the calls and current and past calls can be found at this link.


The call times will be the following:

10am – MST – Azul – Matt Mittelstaedt

11am – MST – Rush – Dave Dengerink

12pm – MST – Nero – Arian Hoxha


Please remember to register for the call at the top of the agenda when you call in.