Rush Psychology Program begins a new Era

Rush Psychology begins a New Era

It is widely appreciated  that the game of soccer can be split into 4 pillars.  TGC-4-Pillars1Technical (what the players can do with the ball), Tactical (the decisions that are made during the game), Physical (the athletic and physical capabilities of the player) and Psychological (the mental requirements to be successful). 

Mental-Attitude-and-Surf-Sports-Psychology-300x300Often the psychological side of the game is not given as much attention, mostly because of the lack of knowledge that surrounds it and the lack of understanding of it's importance.  When we talk about Sports Psychology, many things come to mind, from Leadership to Communication, from Motivation to Attention and Lifestyle Analysis and Education.  At very least the psychological pillar is on a par with the other 3 pillars and some may argue that a strong mind is better than a strong body.

Lee HancockRush Soccer is very excited to announce that Dr. Lee Hancock has agreed to be the lead of the new Rush Psychology program.  Dr. Hancock has an extensive background in both youth soccer and sports/soccer psychology.  Currently, living a working at California State University Dominguez Hills as an assistant professor, Lee has been on the Region IV staff, holds a USSF A' License and a first assistant at Chivas USA in the MLS.  You can find Dr. Hancock's resume here.

The main efforts will be two-fold, initially with the Rush Online Learning Lab (ROLL) which is a Rush Online Coaching Education program, that we will hoping to launch at the end of the summer.  The other efforts will be put toward the Rush website and helping educate all members of the Rush community in the mental aspects of the game on the Parents, Coaches and Players membership pages.  This will afford a great opportunity to allow Lee to filter his expertise down to many of our members.  You can find a preliminary duties of the position here.

Lee will be using the experience and knowledge of other experts around the soccer world to enable his message to get out, psychology-logo-design-i17and the first relationship we are proud to announce is that of David Platt.  David has a wealth of experience in both the soccer and the psychological side of the game, having worked with Liverpool FC of the EPL and currently with the Great Britain Olympic squad.  David brings expertise in the assessment and development of the personal skills required to be successful, to help athletes of all levels and abilities prepare for life as a high performing individual. David's soccer specific, holistic expertise also includes coaching practice, coach education, player evaluations and scouting. You can see David's Resume here.

Rush Soccer is very exited to take this next step in the clubs development, and continue to lead the way in player and coach development in youth soccer in the US.