Rush Fest Day 3

Rush Fest day 3

Day 3 of the 2011 U12 Rush Fest is in the books and a great day 3 it was. Games in the morning continue to be of quality and the support being shown across the park for all teams is fantastic. The Colorado Nike teams remain undefeated after the first two days and are displaying the passion that very well could win them the title of 'Rush Club of the Week' but there are several other clubs that are learning Rush chants and starting to challenge for the title.  Morning 3 results are below.

07.19.11 - rush fest classroom 1In the afternoon, classroom sessions were led by Rush Psychology Consultant Kendra Auston (At right). Teams worked on teamwork, leadership and communication through games like 'The Human Pretzel' and 'The Human Machine.'

Afternoon training consisted of functional training allowing players to work specifically with areas key to their position on the field. 

The evening was capped off when the kids were able to watch and cheer on Rush Coaches in a fun (read as: poorly played), staff game in which goalkeeper coach Brian Lux missed a sitter once and all confirming that he will no longer be allowed to play in the field.

Day 4 includes the final game of group play along with a trip to the amusement park followed by a small sided tournament that tends to be the most exciting soccer played during the week. 

Boys Results for Game Day 2 (Tuesday)

Home Team Away Team Field Score
Michigan Nike Pikes Peak Swoosh 1 4-0
Colorado Nike Virginia Nike 2 4-3
Kansas Nike Pikes Peak Nike 3 2-0
Colorado Swoosh New Mexico Nike 4 1-6

Girls Results for Game Day 2 (Tuesday)

Home Team Away Team Field Score
Texas White New Mexico Fusion 1 3-0
So Cal Nike Washington Swoosh 2 0-3
Hawaii Nike Colorado Swoosh 3 0-3
Alaska Nike Texas Blue 4 0-0
Michigan Nike New Mexico Nike 5 2-1
Colorado Nike Washington Nike 6 3-0
Virginia Nike U11 Boys Nike 7 4-8

07.19.11 - rush fest classroom 2
Members of the New Mexico Nike team try to get out of the 'Human Pretzel' during today's classroom session.

GAME DAY 3 (Wednesday) SCHEDULE - Boys

Home Team Away Team Field
Colorado Nike Kansas Nike 1

GAME DAY 3 (Wednesday) SCHEDULE - Girls

Home Team Away Team Field
CO Nike MI Nike 1
TX Blue HI Nike 2
CO S AK Nike 3
TX White WA Nike 4
NM Fusion SC Nike 5
VA Nike WA Swoosh 6
NM Nike U11 Nike Boys 7